Electronic side cutter ESD 4550, DIN ISO 9654, Elora Germany

SKU: 4550 Series

Electronic side cutter ESD 4550 is a precision tool for electrostatic-sensitive components, with a pointed head, inductive hardening, ESD handles, and options for different cutting edges. It ensures precision and safety in electronic work. By Elora Germany.


Electronic side cutter ESD 4550 from Elora Germany is a specialized tool designed for working with components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). This precision instrument is suitable for a wide range of tasks that require the utmost care when handling ESD-sensitive components.

Key features of the ESD 4550 include its pointed head, which allows for precise cutting in confined spaces. This makes it an excellent choice for tasks demanding high levels of accuracy when working with delicate electronic components.

Electronic side cutter ESD 4550

Durability is a hallmark of this tool, achieved through additional inductive hardening and box joint construction, ensuring maximum stability under load. The inclusion of a double-opening leaf spring mechanism adds to its strength, and the tool is finished with a polished and high-gloss gunmetal finish. The 2-C ESD handles provide user comfort and safety, while the surface resistance falls within the range of 10^6 to 10^9 Ohms, effectively protecting both the user and sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge.

The ESD 4550 comes in different variations denoted by the letters M, F, and O, which signify whether it has a bevel (M), a fine bevel (F), or no bevel (O) on the cutting edge. This versatility allows users to choose the most appropriate option based on their specific cutting needs.

In summary, the Electronic side cutter ESD 4550 by Elora Germany is a high-quality tool designed for working with electrostatic-sensitive components. Its precision design, durability, and compliance with ESD standards make it a top choice for professionals in the electronics industry or any field where precision and the protection of ESD-sensitive components are critical.

SKU Add HardnessOveral lengh
4550-M E 2K
61-63 HRC125mm
4550-F E 2K
61-63 HRC125mm
4550-O E 2K
61-63 HRC125mm
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