All round the globe, customers put their faith in ELORA, a key trade name from Germany. They appreciate the high quality standard of our products and our exemplary after-sales services.

You are sure to find one of our many approved dealers close to your location.

You won’t be disappointed.


ELORA Werkzeugfabrik GmbH`s success story began in 1924.

Today, the company is renowned for its user-friendly products and first-class services for all things to do with hand tools. The current range of products is the result of decades of experience and never-ceasing efforts to develop new products and improve existing ones to the benefit of our customers and their many applications. Functionality, durability and appealing designs are at the focus of our efforts. Our customers worldwide show their appreciation of our approach by remaining loyal, satisfied customers for many years. As a customer and friend of ELORA tools you can look forward to the highest level of commitment and the skilled involvement of all the ELORA employees.

This is our personal promise to you that you can gauge us by.

We look forward to responding to your specific needs.


Hand tools made by ELORA are established worldwide. ELORA tools offer both skilled craftsmen and astute businessmen virtually everything they expect of high-quality products in this field.

Customers in many sectors of industry are supplied exclusively through authorised dealers. Those sectors include workshops, production facilities, heavy industry, the automotive industry and commercial power generation. Understandably, professionals in these industries are mainly interested in premium quality. At ELORA, we guarantee that quality, which is why, right from the development stage on, we place considerable emphasis on maximum functionality, ergonomics, durability and contemporary design.

In the production process, we exclusively use tried-and-tested, high-grade materials. In line with our traditions, all the tools are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The company is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. In addition, our products and services comply worldwide with recognised industrial and quality standards, such as VDE and ESD.

Finally, before our tools leave the factory, they are all subjected to strict quality inspection. Every single one. Should there ever be cause for one of the rare complaints, you can rest assured that ELORA`s full warranty will take effect. After inspection by our staff, the tool will be either repaired or replaced — usually within a very short time.

  • Our dedicated, qualified contacts are also at your disposal for any other queries or comments you may have about our quality tools. ELORA`s customer service team is ready to advise you on solving particular challenges.
  • Our sales staff consider after-sales customer services to be just that — services to benefit customers.
  • You are welcome to try us, whether you have a question concerning maintenance, repair or sourcing spare parts.


In addition to our range of products, we are delighted to introduce some of our ELORA employees as part of this catalogue. Without them, their exemplary commitment and their knowhow, ELORA would not be what it is today.

The combination of professional advice, our uncomplicated order processing system and the state-ofthe-art centralised warehouse enable us to process your orders quickly and efficiently and guarantee excellent availability, so you get the tools you order on-site as fast as possible. And this is backed by our attractive terms & conditions.

This does not mean, though, that we feel content to rest on our laurels. We are constantly working on improving our performance in all aspects of what we do. Our customers are an important part of this process as they contribute their ideas and expectations frankly and honestly. And those expectations are the yardstick by which we would like to be measured in the future.


  • 1924: ELORA is founded by Mr Erich Rauch at Birker Weg 4 in Lüttringhausen. Today Lüttringhausen is a district of Remscheid, the heart of the German tool industry.
    The 21-year-old starts manufacturing chain pipe wrenches and Stillson pipe wrenches in his parents’ cellar.
  • 1928: First company building on Birker Weg, Remscheid. As his business grows, he buys land next to his parents’ house and builds a factory with greater production capacity, allowing for packaging options for the first time, to meet the needs of his rapidly growing business.
  • 1931: The first ELORA employees.
  • 1937: Always close to the customer: the ELORA delivery van..
  • 1945: After the 2nd World War, Erich Rauch has only 11 employees. To meet the increasing demand for ELORA products and to enable the expansion of his product range, including pipe tools, pipe cutters, open-end spanners made of chrome vanadium and box spanners, he again expands his factory. When the “Deutsche Mark” is introduced in 1948, the demand for ELORA products grows once again. During this time, more spanners, toolboxes, workshop trolleys and adjustable spanners are added to the product range.
  • 1949: One of the first trucks after the war years.
  • 1951: ELORA active as an exhibitor both home and abroad
  • 1958: New construction of the subsidiary plant in Münk/Eifel
  • 1963: The result of continued growth is the construction of a new production facility in the Blaffertsberg industrial estate in Remscheid. The inauguration takes place on Mr. Erich Rauch’s 60th birthday.
  • 1968: Expansion of the production facility on Schmiedestraße
  • 1986 – Management in the second generation. After the demise of the company’s founder Erich Rauch sen. in May 1986, his two sons continued the company’s business and became managing partners.
  • 1994 – Moving to the administration building, Am Blaffertsberg. Relocation of the administration, warehouse and packaging department from “Birker Weg” to a more modern and larger building in the Blaffertsberg industrial estate in Remscheid-Lüttringhausen.
  • 1998 – Family business in the third generation. Mrs Bettina Rauch and Mr Andreas Rauch join the company as the 3rd generation. After the sad and unexpected demise of Mr. Karl-Hermann Rauch in August 2002, his nephew Andreas Rauch is appointed Managing Partner.
  • 2012: Signs of change: contemporary trade fair image
  • 2014 – Anniversary: 90 years of ELORA. We celebrated 90 years of ELORA together with customers with an event at ELORA in Remscheid and at the Landrover Experience Park.
  • 2015: In March 2015, Mr. Erich Rauch jr., who also had a significant influence on the development of ELORA, passed away, Mr. Thorsten Zurawski was appointed sole authorised signatory.
  • 2016: New ELORA showroom ELORADO is completed
  • 2017: The “Bergische Löwe” is the heraldic animal of the city of Remscheid and there is a large stone lion statue in front of our town hall. In 2014, the city of Remscheid celebrated its 85th anniversary as a major city and on this occasion all companies were given the opportunity to purchase a life-size lion and design it according to their ideas. Now we too can finally proudly present our ELORA lion – it stands in the middle of a roundabout in our immediate vicinity!
  • 2018 – LEO supports the team. New ELORA torque laboratory, where every ELORA torque wrench is tested according to DIN ISO 6789:2017.

Today, ELORA produces a range of tools of the highest premium quality in both plants, in Remscheid.


In total, we have 13 product families to provide customers with numerous opportunities for compiling their own sets of hand tools for their daily work.

Further details on the sub-families of tools can be found on the introductory pages at the beginning of each ELORA product family.

Whether you opt for a set from our range of carefully compiled tool assortments or a single ELORA-Tool, you can rely on the fact that you will be buying tried-and-tested peak quality.

We put people first at ELORA.

The satisfaction of our customers and the well-being of our employees are our highest asset.


Aficionados and experts know it – ELORA is traditionally a guarantee for practice-oriented tool solutions in excellent German quality. The broad product range comprises a large variety of hand tools for just as many sectors and applications

The above-average ELORA innovation potential proves itself in regular product optimisations and new launches. The wishes and expectations of customers and users play a decisive role in shaping our approach. All over the world.

Here, doers work for other doers – technical experts who know what they’re talking about and do what they say they will. Just try it out. The 13 ELORA product groups with a total of approx. 7500 items will give you enough fodder for discussion and thought.

ELORA worldwide

As the manufacturer of an internationally respected brand, we maintain close relationships with our worldwide customers, in some cases for generations! You can find an overview of the countries with which we maintain trade relations in the map below.


We have compiled our maxims and goals into a clear mission statement.
This mission statement is our challenge and promise at the same time. It holds good equally for the inter-relationship of ELORA employees between one another as well as with customers or external service providers.

  • A solid growth in the success of the company is more important to us than a short-term boom
  • As a medium-scale family-run company, we have a responsibility towards our tradition
  • Being an innovative and responsibility-conscious company, we are happy to confront the growing challenges of globalisation and the markets.
  • We want to be the world’s leading company for hand tools in premium quality.
  • Through a clear delimitation from the competition, we will together jointly shape our future.
  • Products in a broad range in line with the needs of the market and of the users make us stand out.
  • Our tools represent well thought-out functionality, maximum durability and ergonomic design.
  • Our highly qualified and committed employees are ready to bear responsibility.
  • We consider all the individual performances, from purchasing to after-sales, as a part of the whole, whose ultimate goal is the highest customer satisfaction
  • Since we strive for long-term and trustful relationships, we make the needs and expectations of our customers our own.
  • Thanks to a flat hierarchy, our actions are flexible, fast and binding.
  • We treat all the persons and institutions involved in the value-addition chain in a frank, fair and unprejudiced manner on the basis of a partnership.
  • As a recognised IHK training and apprenticeship facility, we wish to recruit the “bearers of hope” of the future primarily from our own ranks.
  • As a company that acts for the long term, ELORA sees it as part of its responsibility to use resources prudently and to avoid negative effects on the environment as far as possible. That is why we have and will continue to invest in the conversion for more climate protection.

The ELORA quality criteria

It is not without a certain pride that we are able, despite certain economic pressures, to continue to manufacture the majority of our products at our locations in Germany. As a result, nearly all our products are entitled to bear the “Made in Germany” label. This label summarises a number of positive product characteristics and is recognised the world over as a synonym for excellence and comprehensive know-how.

Viewed exactly, “Made in Germany” means that all the quality-relevant operations for the manufacture of the tools have to take place in Germany. This includes the entire machining production and the hardening heat treatment. It’s great that quality-conscious users, especially, take note of this feature.

At ELORA, all products are subject to the highest quality parameters. This also includes those products whose production takes place either partially or completely through proven partners. And it is in this meaning that we talk of “ELORA Premium Quality” – to be recognised from the ELORA seal of quality.


TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH confirms that the design / development, production and administration of tools and accssories of all types of the company ELORA-Werkzeugfabrik GmbH fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


  1. REACh: Regulation (EG) No. 1907/2006 (REACh Regulation) is an EU chemicals regulation that came into force on 1 June 2007. REACh stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. As an EU regulation, REACh is equally and directly applicable in all member states.
  2. RoHSD: The EU Directive 2011/65/EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC, (RoHS 1) serves to restrict the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. It regulates the use and placing on the market of hazardous substances in electrical equipment and electronic components. On 3 January 2013, Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) will replace the old directive.

All ELORA products comply with the Reach and RoHSD requirements.

On the road with Volland Racing and ELORA in the FIA European Rallycross Championship

Concise circuits with a stadium atmosphere, spread all over Europe, usually consisting of 40% gravel and 60% asphalt passages – this is Volland Racing’s stomping ground and this is where team boss Rolf Volland has earned himself a certain legendary status.

In short sprint races in exciting duels with direct opponents and against the clock, the team has internalised this racing mode like no other. Ideal terrain for the resilient and high-quality tools from Elora, which have also proven themselves many times in racing.

Even as a driver, Rolf Volland was spoilt for success: the two-time European Autocross Champion and record champion in the international German Rallycross Championship (DRX) remained true to motorsport after his active career. As team boss, he achieved top positions in the Super1600s in the FIA European Rallycross Championship with Volland Racing, first with Skoda and since 2018 with Audi. Team Volland Racing has dominated this class since 2016 with four championship titles in a row, with the team sometimes also capturing the silver and bronze medals in the process. Since joining in 2012, the team has won six titles in eight years. The tools from ELORA, which accompany the team through Europe and are partly responsible for the success, have also played a part in this.

These successes have allowed the team and customer base to grow continuously. Even former opponents are now customers of Volland Racing, the competition vehicles are rented or sold and professionally looked after during the Europe-wide races. The Elora tools Made in Germany have been providing loyal service for years. And of course, it is not only the technical know-how of the team that is available to the customers, the valuable experience of the driver Rolf Volland also provides valuable support, after all, he is also available to all drivers as a driving instructor.

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