Screwdriver set ELORA 583 S6-K, in black plastic packaging


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SKU: 583 S6-K

Containing six durable screwdrivers, the ELORA 583 S6-K offers forged blades, sleek gunmetal tips, and ergonomic QUATROLIT®-2C grips, packaged in a clear-lidded black case for quick tool selection and organized storage.

Available on backorder


Screwdriver set ELORA 583 S6-K is a highly functional collection of tools, ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. This set consists of six precision-engineered screwdrivers, each designed to handle a variety of fastening tasks with ease and efficiency.

Packaged in a sleek black plastic case with a transparent cover, the ELORA 583 S6-K set is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. The clear cover allows users to easily view and select the correct tool without the need to open the case, saving time and effort during tasks.

Screwdriver set ELORA 583 S6-K, in black plastic packaging

Each screwdriver in the set features a matt chrome-plated forged blade that ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear. The forging process enhances the metal’s strength, making these tools capable of withstanding high torque and pressure without bending or breaking. Additionally, the tips of the screwdrivers are finished in gunmetal, which not only adds a sophisticated look but also provides extra protection against corrosion.

– Number of pieces: 6
– Packaging: Black plastic with transparent cover
– Blade material: Matt chrome plated, forged
– Tip finishing: Gunmetal finish
– Handle: Nonslip QUATROLIT®-2C-handle
– Additional feature: Suspension hole for easy hanging and storage
– Included:

  • Screwdriver for plain slotted screws 545-IS 100, 125, 150
  • Screwdriver for cross slotted screws 547-PH 1, PH 2
  • Screwdriver, short version 543-IS 45

The handles of the screwdrivers are equipped with QUATROLIT®-2C, a nonslip material that guarantees a secure grip. This is especially beneficial in environments where precision is crucial, as it prevents the screwdriver from slipping out of the hand during use, reducing the risk of accidents or damage to the workpiece.

Furthermore, each tool in the ELORA 583 S6-K set includes a suspension hole at the end of the handle. This thoughtful feature allows the screwdrivers to be hung on a tool rack or pegboard, making them easily accessible and helping to keep the workspace organized.

ELORA 583 S6-K screwdriver set is a reliable and stylish addition to any tool collection. Its robust construction, combined with thoughtful design features, ensures that this set will provide excellent service for a wide range of screwdriving applications. Whether in a professional setting or at home, these tools are built to perform and last.