Pneumatic ratchet wrench 1/4‘‘ mini 5011, 35 Nm, Elora Germany


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Elora Germany’s Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench 1/4” Mini 5011 excels with its lightweight design, reversible ratchet head, ergonomic grip, and impressive 35 Nm torque. Ideal for confined spaces, it ensures efficient and precise work.

Available on backorder


Pneumatic ratchet wrenches have revolutionized the way professionals and DIY enthusiasts approach tasks in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Among these versatile tools, the Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench 1/4” Mini 5011 by Elora Germany stands out as a powerful and efficient choice for a wide range of applications.

One of the key highlights of the Elora Germany Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench is its lightweight composite housing, which makes it incredibly easy to handle even during extended use. This design feature not only reduces fatigue but also ensures that users can maneuver the tool effortlessly in confined workspaces.

Pneumatic ratchet wrench 1/4‘‘ mini 5011

The wrench’s ergonomic design is further enhanced by its cold-insulating, non-slip handle. This feature ensures a comfortable grip and minimizes the transfer of cold temperatures to the user’s hand, particularly in colder working environments.

One standout feature of the Elora Germany Mini 5011 is its reversible ratchet head, allowing users to switch between forward and reverse directions effortlessly. This feature enhances versatility and makes it suitable for various tasks, such as fastening and loosening nuts and bolts.

To maintain a clean and efficient workspace, the wrench incorporates a rear exhaust system that expels air through the handle. This design feature prevents dust and debris from blowing into the user’s face, contributing to a safer and more comfortable working experience.

Performance-wise, the Mini 5011 boasts an impressive maximum torque of 35 Nm, making it suitable for various applications that require precision and power. With a freewheel speed of 220 revolutions per minute, it allows for quick and efficient fastening or loosening of fasteners.

In terms of air consumption, the wrench operates at an average rate of 100 liters per minute, making it reasonably efficient while delivering consistent power. Its noise level is kept to a minimum, with a maximum sound pressure level of 72 dB(A) Lp A, ensuring a quieter work environment compared to some other pneumatic tools.

The wrench’s compatibility is also noteworthy, as it is designed for use with 1/4” air hose fittings, and it comes with a matching brass quick coupler included in the package.

In conclusion, the Elora Germany Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench 1/4” Mini 5011 is a reliable and versatile tool that combines a lightweight design, ergonomic features, and impressive torque capabilities. Its ability to work in tight spaces and its ease of use make it an invaluable addition to any toolkit, whether for professional mechanics or DIY enthusiasts. This tool truly exemplifies the innovation and quality associated with German engineering, providing a dependable solution for a wide range of mechanical tasks.