Seaming and clinching pliers BESSEY D33, D34, D35


Crafted from quality forged steel with a black powder coating, are designed for precision metalwork in construction and plumbing. They feature varying jaw depths and widths, with straight, 45°, and 90° bent forms, suitable for specialist applications and safety-focused usage.


The Bessey D33, D34, and D35 seaming and clinching pliers represent a fusion of functionality and durability, tailored for specialists in metal construction and plumbing. These tools are distinguished by their forged quality steel construction, ensuring robustness and longevity in demanding work environments. The black powder coating on each tool not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides an added layer of protection against corrosion and wear.

The D33 series, featuring the D33-60, D331-40, D331-60, and D331-80, boasts straight jaws with varying widths and a minimum jaw depth of 60 mm. The overall length of 280 mm for the D33-60, D331-40, and D331-60, and 320 mm for the D331-80, combined with their respective weights ranging from 0.56 kg to 0.92 kg, make them ideal for precision work in metal fabrication. The pivot screw version varies, with the D33-60 having a passed-through screw and the others equipped with put-on screws.

In contrast, the D34 series, including the D34-60, D341-40, D341-60, and D341-80, is designed with a 45° bent form. These pliers have a minimum jaw depth of 50 mm. The overall lengths and weights are similar to the D33 series, ensuring ease of use and maneuverability. The D35-60 and D351-60 from the D35 series, with their unique 90° bent form, offer a distinct advantage in more complex metalworking tasks.

The shears parts of these pliers are made of forged steel with coated handle ends, requiring regular maintenance such as cleaning the rails with solvent and oiling the joint area to ensure smooth operation and longevity.

Order Number Overall Length
Overall Length
Form Pivot Screw Version Jaw Width
D33-60 280 11 Straight Passed Through 60 0.6
D331-40 280 11 Straight Put On 40 0.56
D331-60 280 11 Straight Put On 60 0.63
D331-80 320 12 3/4 Straight Put On 80 0.92
D34-60 270 10 3/4 45° Bent Passed Through 60 0.72
D341-40 270 10 3/4 45° Bent Put On 40 0.69
D341-60 270 10 3/4 45° Bent Put On 60 0.63
D341-80 320 12 3/4 45° Bent Put On 80 0.92
D35-60 255 10 90° Bent Passed Through 60 0.71
D351-60 255 10 90° Bent Put On 60 0.67

This detailed information encapsulates the versatility and precision engineered into the Bessey D33, D34, and D35 seaming and clinching pliers, making them indispensable tools for professionals in their respective fields.

For safety, it’s imperative to wear goggles and gloves, as the cutting and bending of metal can produce sharp edges and debris. Additionally, when working on electrical equipment, disconnecting the power supply is crucial to prevent electric shocks. It’s also important to refrain from using these pliers as hammers and to regularly check the jaws for wear to avoid slippage and accidents. Lastly, these grip pliers are intended for short-term fixation of workpieces, highlighting their specialized application in professional settings.

SKU Add Plier sizeOverall lengthFormWidth of jaws
11 inch280mmStraight60mm
11 inch280mmStraight40mm
11 inch280mmStraight60mm
12 3/4 inch320mmStraight80mm
10 3/4 inch270mm45° Bent60mm
10 3/4 inch270mm45° Bent40mm
10 3/4 inch270mm45° Bent60mm
12 3/4 inch320mm45° Bent80mm
10 inch255mm90° Bent60mm
10 inch255mm90° Bent60mm
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