Advantages of Our High-Quality Stainless Steel Rules

  1. Superior Quality Material:
    • Our stainless steel rules are crafted from premium German steel, specifically steel code 1.4310.
    • This steel is chosen for its excellent stainless properties, primarily due to its high chromium content.
  2. Suitable for Sensitive Industries:
    • Due to the high-quality steel used, our rules are approved for use in the food industry and medical technology sectors.
    • Our unique etching process, which avoids the use of aggressive acids and toxic paints, further makes these rules suitable for sensitive applications.
  3. Eco-Friendly Etching Technology:
    • Developed by our engineers in 1993, our etching technology is environmentally friendly and safe.
    • This technology is one of the reasons we are permitted to supply our rules to industries like food processing and medical technology, where safety and hygiene are paramount.
  4. Exceptional Lengths with High Repeatability:
    • We offer stainless steel rules in extraordinary lengths, ranging from 4 to 16 meters in a single piece.
    • Our unique production process ensures high repeatability and consistent quality, meeting workshop standard specifications.
  5. Customization and Special Scales:
    • We provide special scales tailored for various industries, including mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, container, tank, and boiler construction.
    • Custom scales can be made according to specific requirements and drawings, with options like reading scales from bottom to top or vice versa.
  6. Precision and Accuracy:
    • Our steel rules and scales are manufactured to high tolerance classes I and II, similar to MID 2014/32/EU, or according to workshop grade standards.
    • Calibration certificates are available upon request, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  7. Tolerance Specifications:
    • Factory standard tolerances range from ±0.80 mm to ±2.0 mm, depending on the total length of the rule.
    • For higher accuracy class I, tolerances range from ±0.15 mm to ±0.50 mm, and for class II, from ±0.40 mm to ±1.10 mm.
    • We also adhere to the British Standard (BS 4372:1968) for certain products.
  8. Aluminium and Steel Flat and Assembly Rules:
    • Our aluminium rulers offer lightness and ease of handling, with a special hard coating for durability.
    • The coating properties include a thickness of approximately 50μ, hardness of 500 – 55HV, high electrical insulation, minimal thermal conductivity, and good sliding properties.
  9. Flatness Tolerances:
    • We adhere to DIN 874 standards for flatness tolerances, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our straightedges.
  10. Length Tolerances for Various Measuring Tools:
    • Our folding rules, measuring tapes, and roller tapes comply with EC accuracy classes, with specific tolerances for each class ensuring precision across various lengths.

By focusing on quality, precision, and environmental safety, our stainless steel rules set a high standard for measuring tools in various industries.

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