Precision inspection spirit levels, sensitivity 0.3mm/m, DIN 877

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Defined by DIN 877, feature 0.3 mm/m sensitivity, special cast iron housing, finely ground prism and flat surfaces, adjustable main and cross vials, and insulation handles for accurate leveling. Manufactured by Vogel Germany.


Precision inspection spirit levels, as defined by DIN 877, are essential tools designed for the meticulous leveling and adjustment of both flat surfaces and cylindrical shapes. These spirit levels boast a remarkable sensitivity of 0.3 mm/m, ensuring high precision in alignment tasks.

Precision inspection spirit levels, sensitivity 0.3mm/m, DIN 877

Crafted from special cast iron, the robust housing of the level provides stability and durability under various working conditions. The design features a dual-surface approach: one side is equipped with a finely ground prism, while the other offers a flat surface. This versatility allows for application across a diverse range of industrial settings.

Precision Inspection Spirit Levels, sensitivity ±0.3mm/m

The device is further enhanced by an adjustable main vial that facilitates precise readings and adjustments. An additional cross vial adds another layer of accuracy, enabling users to achieve exact perpendicular alignment. To maximize comfort and minimize thermal influence during use, these spirit levels are fitted with insulation handles.

– Sensitivity: ±0.3 mm/m
– Standard: DIN 877
– Material: Special cast iron housing
– Surfaces: Prism and flat, finely ground
– Vials: Adjustable main vial and one cross vial
– Handles: Insulated for comfort and precision
– Manufacturer: Vogel Germany
– Purpose: Accurate leveling and adjusting of surfaces and cylinders

Manufactured by Vogel Germany, a company known for its commitment to quality and precision, these spirit levels are reliable tools for professionals requiring the utmost accuracy in their leveling tasks.

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