Spirit level Type 70T with 2 vials, Stabila – Made in Germany


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Especially suitable for all measuring tasks in cramped conditions. Compact design – can always be carried with you. Coated measuring surface protects delicate surfaces. Spirit level Type 70T with 2 vials. STABILA – Made in Germany.

Available on backorder


The Spirit level Type 70T, manufactured by Stabila in Germany, is a high-quality leveling tool designed for precise measurements. This 25cm level, model number 02199, features 2 vials for accurate readings. The frame is made of hollow, cast aluminum alloy with a powder-coated surface for durability and resistance to dirt buildup.

With its two hanging hooks on both ends, this level offers versatility in hanging and storage options. The vials are designed to ensure accuracy, with ±0.029o precision, equivalent to ±0.5mm/m. The unique design of the horizontal and vertical vials by Stabila ensures a secure fit and alignment, contributing to reliable measurement results.

Spirit level Type 70T with 2 vials

The level is equipped with a sturdy white plastic end cap that does not interfere with the measuring surface. This design allows for easy handling and adjustment during measurement tasks. Additionally, the integrated hanging hooks on both ends provide convenient storage solutions.

Key specifications of the Stabila 02199 Spirit level Type 70T include:
– Length: 25cm (10 inches)
– Number of vials: 2 (1 vertical, 1 horizontal)
– Accuracy: ±0.029o, equivalent to ±0.5mm/m
– End cap material: Hard plastic with beveled edges
– Frame: Hollow cast aluminum alloy, powder-coated
– Dirt-resistant surface coating
– Dimensions: 50x20mm
– Number of measuring surfaces: 1
– Origin: Made in Germany

The rectangular box-shaped packaging ensures the level’s protection during storage and transportation. With its compact size and lightweight design, this 25cm level is convenient for various applications, including interior design projects and artwork hanging. This genuine Stabila product guarantees quality and reliability for professional and DIY use alike.


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