Dear customers and business partners,

Although there is a very strong tendency towards a digital measuring tool catalogue, we nevertheless made a conscious decision to go for the more classic route of the „paper catalogue“. For us, the new 2021/2022 catalogue reflects our passion for measuring tools and provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse products, which is often not possible in the digital version in a hurry.

Take your time and leaf through our current catalogue in peace. Here you will find a large number of new products from the field of length measurement technology and material testing.

The experience that we have been able to gain during our more than 70 years of activity as a traditional manufacturer and our specialization in the field of precision measuring tools and gauges enable us to create individual solutions for our customers.
The following logos are registered trademarks of Vogel Germany.
The trademarks represent the perfect quality of more than 11.000 top-quality products of us and label them appropriately the following meanings: In our production of steel rules, we can implement lengths and scalings according to customer requirements, even if the steel rule is 20 meters or longer. You can find an extract of our steel rules starting with page 22.
We also offer you a quick and uncomplicated implementation of gauges for individual requested dimensions. These specific solutions cannot be shown in the catalogue and can be requested from our sales department. An overview of gauges can be found starting with page 232.
With our modern laser marking systems, we can still apply specific markings and labelling to the products according to customer requirements.
I would particularly like to recommend our own development of the MasterLine® length measuring system, which you will find on pages 40/41. This means that dimensions up to 3.0 m can be read and documented without parallax error. The corresponding camera is also available as an individual variant on page 42. It can also be used as a mobile variant with the help of the built-in scale of 3 – 0 – 3 mm on the display for numerous tests. The measuring system has an LED light unit with 4x white light and 4x UV/black light for many different applications.
With the recently implemented cooperation with the Saliger Gruppe, we offer a cross-industry and manufacturer-independent
DAkkS-accredited calibration service. In addition to factory calibrations, DAkkS calibrations can also be offered for almost the entire range. We are sure you will discover interesting innovations in the catalog. We are pleased that you share our passion for our measuring tools and gauges with us!

FERVI – A strong partner
Vogel Germany has been part of the Italian group of companies Fervi SpA since April 1st, 2019, which is an established company in the field of MRO (Materials, Repair and Operations). Fervi stands out as a solid, reliable and competitive company that focuses on the manufacture and procurement of machines and tools for industry, workshops and the automotive sector.
According to Ri-Flex Abrasives S.R.L. – leading manufacturer of high-quality flap discs – and Sitges S.L. – long-standing sales partner of the Fervi brand on the Iberian Peninsula –
Vogel Germany GmbH & Co. KG is now joining the Fervi Group. This merger allows our customers and business partners to benefit from the expanded portfolio of products and services. From small orders to large projects, all inquiries are processed.
With all the strength of this group growing and helping others grow, Fervi is a strong and reliable partner. Vogel Germany can thus offer an improved range of products for its worldwide customers.

Product Range: You will find more than 4500 precision measuring tools e.g. for purposes of length measuring technology and material testing in our catalogue and online shop.
Production: In our own production we manufacture steel rules (from page 19), thickness gauge foils (page 235), bevel squares (page 223), mitre squares (page 223) or squares (page 221) – 100% Made in Germany.
Measuring Solutions: We constantly try to offer you the right solution. Custom-made products are welcome and our daily business.
Laser Engravings: We engrave special scales, trademarks, logos etc. according to your specifications on our measuring tools.
Support: Our technically experienced sales team is characterized by speed and flexibility. We are happy to visit you and demonstrate our services and measuring tools on site.
Suppliers: Thanks to long-term partnerships with our reliable suppliers, we can guarantee you the highest quality and availability of our products.
Shipping Service: Our articles are available from our warehouse in Kevelaer (Germany) and can be sent worldwide, whether to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or North and South America.
Calibration: You need a factory calibration or DAkkS calibration? We offer an uncomplicated calibration service for almost the entire product range. When ordering, please indicate which calibration you require.
Stability: Thanks to the backing of our strong parent company Fervi, we can be there for you and support you even in difficult times. Trust is a principle of our business.
Digital Media: Current information on new products, trade fairs and offers can be found on our website and on Facebook. A current digital version of the catalogue is available as well.

Vogel Germany and the Saliger-Gruppe a strong partnership
Vogel Germany and the Saliger-Gruppe have agreed on a far-reaching cooperation in the procurement and calibration of measuring equipment. With the new orientation, Vogel Germany is strengthening its offer of having measuring equipment tested in an independent calibration laboratory.
The Saliger-Gruppe offers a cross-industry and manufacturer-independent DAkkS-accredited calibration service. In addition to factory calibrations, DAkkS calibrations can now also be offered for the almost complete range of

Vogel Germany.
In order to be able to offer its customers an accelerated and simplified process flow, Vogel Germany has chosen this further route of combining calibration service with the procurement of new measuring equipment. In cooperation with the Saliger-Gruppe, the procurement of measuring equipment for the customers of the Saliger-Gruppe is taken over by Vogel Germany.
Stephan Rex, Managing Director of Vogel Germany: “We are pleased to have found a new partner in the
Saliger-Gruppe. The focus of the cooperation is an improved service for all aspects of measuring equipment.
This will be reflected above all by a strong simplification in the complex procurement of measuring equipment and its calibration for the customer, as this service is available from a single source now. The Saliger-Gruppe offers a variety of calibration options that Vogel Germany has not been able to offer to this extent before.“
Ulrich Saliger, Managing Director of the Saliger-Gruppe: “Looking for a way to redesign our Saliger measuring equipment sales department, we are happy to have entered into close cooperation with Vogel Germany.
In times of increased demands on the calibration business, our main concern is to be able to continue to offer our customers a comprehensive range of services. The cooperation with Vogel Germany enables us to concentrate on our core competencies and at the same time to expand the product portfolio for our customers.“

Calibration certificates for our products on request, please!

Scope: Calibration certificate indicating the deviation and limits of normal and with the test curve(s) for the measured according to the criteria of standards, confirmation of their performance. Confirmation of traceability to national normal, indicating an identification number.
Validity: Individually for each single instrument/device.Period of validity in accordance with your quality management manual (usually 12 month)
Price: See our price list, prices valid only for initial delivery from the factory, price for re-calibration on request, please.

DAkkS: Calibration test report by an accredited testing laboratory

Scope: As mentioned above, calibration test report as mentioned above, but accredited by testing laboratory.
Validity: Individually for each single instrumen/device. Period of validity in accordance with your quality management manual (usually 12 month)
Price: See our price list, prices valid only for initial delivery from the factory, price for re-calibration on request, please.

Find your testing tools even better now
Dear customers and business partners,
With this edition of our catalogue we have implemented some innovations.
We attached great importance to findability and logical structuring.
We have reorganized our entire range so that you can find the items you want even faster.
All articles are divided into 8 newly created categories.
These categories have been renamed and illustrated with distinctive and meaningful icons.

Length Measurement
• Flexible Steel Rules • Stainless Steel Rules • Double Side Steel Rules • Steel Rules with Laser Engraving • Steel Rules with etched or lasered graduation • Steel Rules black • Steel Rules with magnetic inserts • Stainless Steel Rules with stop hook 90 ° • Steel Rules with a central zero point • Circumference Measuring Tapes • Precision assembly Rules • Straight Edges • Precision graduated Straight Edge • Straight Edges with bevel • Digital Distance and Positioning Measurement Systems • Digital Measuring Magnifiers • Electr. Digital Scale • Electr. Digital Measuring Wheels • Steel Measuring tapes • Wood folding rules • Pocket Measuring Tapes • Digital Measuring Tapes • Pocket Measuring Tape with Laser Distance Meter • Laser Distance Meter • Measuring Tapes in light metal angled frames • Measuring tapes in a light metal triangle frame • Measuring Tapes in a flat capsule • Tank Tapes.

• Ultra-light Caliper • Electr. Digital Caliper • Electr. Digital pointed Caliper • Electr. Digital splines Caliper • Electr. Digital special Caliper • Measuring Bridge • Precision Pocket Vernier Caliper • Dial Caliper • Small Pocket Vernier Caliper • Electr. Digital Workshop Calipers • Workshop Calipers • Digital Caliper for Inside and Outside Grooves • Groove Caliper • Electr. Digital Brake Disc Calipers • Brake Disc Calipers • Brake Drum Caliper • Electr. Digital Gear Teeth Caliper • Brass Button G • Electr. Digital Tread Depth Gauge • Electr. Digital Depth Caliper • Depth Caliper • Measuring Tool Sets

• External Micrometer • Electr. Digital Micrometer • Dial Indicator • Precision External Micrometer • Counter Micrometers • Disc Type Micrometer • V-Anvil Micrometer • Wire Thickness Micrometer • Micrometer for external threads • Thread Flanks Measuring Inserts • Measuring Ball Holder • Measuring Pressure Test Gauge • Optical Paralleles • Setting Gauges for Micrometer • Thread Setting Gauges • Micrometer Stand • Electr. Digital Micrometer Heads • Micrometer Heads • Precision Depth Gauge • Electr. Digital Depth Gauge • Electr. Digital Inside Micrometers • Stand for Micro Gauge • Electr. Digital 3-point internal Micrometers • Electr. Digital 3-Point Pistol Grip Bore Gauge • Electr. Digital 2-Point Bore Gauge Sets • Extensions rods for 3-Point Bore Micrometers • Telescopic Gauges • Bore Gauge Set with Dial Indicator • Extension for Bore Gauges • Saw Teeth Setting Dial Indicator • Thickness Gauge • Thickness Gauges with Wheels • Foil Thickness Gauge • Quicktest “Pocotest” • Electr. Digital Quicktest • Quicktest • Electr. Digital External Quicktest • Electr. Digital Internal Quicktest

Dial Gauges and Stands
• Electr. Digital Dial Indicators • Electr. Digital small Dial Indicator • Small Dial Indicator • Dial Indicator • Precision Dial Indicators • Dial Indicators • Spindle Lifting Lever • Lifting Devise • Extensions • Measuring Bridge for Depth measurements • Inside Test Indicator • Angel Test Indicators • Centering Holder • Clamp Holder • Clamping Shaft • Electr. Digital Test Indicator • Crankshaft Test Instruments • Electr. Digital Zero Setting Device • Centering Indicator • Edge Finder • 3-D Probe with dial Indicator • Universal Magnetic Measuring Stands • Universal Magnetic Measuring Stands with Ball Joint • Measuring Stand with Vacuum-Base • Magnetic Base • Vacuum Base • Measuring Stand Colums • Wooden Box for Measuring Stands • Precision Measuring Tables

Scribing Devices
• Spring Divider • Internal and External Spring Joint Compass • Divider and Divider with Setting Wing • Internal and External Joint Compass • Trammel • Precision In- and Outside Caliper • Compass Vernier Calipers • Electr. Digital Universal Protractor Set • Universal Bevel Protractor • Protractor • Electr. Digital Protractor • Marking Gauge • Universal Marking Gauge • T-Marking Vernier Caliper • Metal Etching Pens • Steel Scribers • Parallel-V-Block-Pairs • Prism Pair • Adjustable Angel Prism • Magnetic Measuring and clamping V-Block • Prism Lamellar Block • V-Block with Clamp • Wooden Box • Granite Measuring Cubes • Electr. Digital Height and Marking Gauges • Parallel Surface Gauge • Precision Inspection Square • Precision Workshop Square • Precision Bevel Edge Square • Precision Knife Straight Edge • Square with Inside Bevelled Edge • Workshop Square • Mechanic Square • Flange Square • Carpenter‘s Squares • Universal Square • Combination Square-Set • Center Square • Bevel Square • Mitre Square • Hex and octagonal Angles Square • Acute Angel Square • Bevel Square.

Test Equipment
• Precision Feeler Gauges Sets • Feeler Gauges Set made from brass • Valve Regulation Gauge Set • Piston Feeler Gauges Set • Thickness Gauge Foils • Screw Pitch Gauge • Radius Gauges • Angel Gauge • Angel Thread Cutting Gauge • Trapez Thread Cutting Gauge • Combined Turning and Thread Cutting Gauge • ACME Thread Cutting Gauge • Lathe Tool Gauge • Twist Drill Grinding Gauge • Universal Twist Drill Grinding Gauge • Jet Gauge • Taper Gauge • Hole Gauge • Electr. Digital Arc Test Set • Electr. Digital Keyways caliper • Spring Gauge • Precision Welding Gauge • Electr. Digital Welding Gauge • Welding Gauge „S“ • Pipe Welding Gauge / Edge Offset Gauge • Measuring Tool Set • Profil Gauge • Limit Plug Gauges • Setting Ring Gauges • „Go“ Thread Ring Gauge • „No-Go“ Thread Ring Gauge • Limit Thread Plug Gauges • Cylindrical Measuring Pins • Pin Holder • Parallel Gauge Blocks • Optical Parallels • Inspection Gauge Block Set for Micrometers • Inspection Gauge Block Set for Calipers • Angel Gauge Block Set • Accessory Set for Gauge Blocks • Gauge Connector • Measuring Jaws in Pair • Centering Point • Maintenance Kit for Gauge Block • Maintenance Spray • Universal Comparative Measuring Instrument • Granite Measuring and Control Plate • Safetx-Stand • Levelling Jack • Tailstock Pairs • Granite Master Aquares 90° • Precision Gauge Blocks • Precision Pair of Parallels • Maintenance Set for Granite Plates • Straightening Plates • Stands • Lapping and Control Plate • Control-, Surface- and Testing Plates• Supporting Feets • Angel Plates • Precision Inspection Spirit Lavels • Precision Inspection Frame Spirit Levels • Precision Crank Pin Levels • Precision Alloy Spirit Level • Precision Parallel Support Sets.

Measuring Instruments
• Hardness Testers • Universal Digital Rebound Tester • Hardness Reference Blocks • Analogous Hardness Tester • Test Stand for Hardness Tester • Test Blocks • Impact Devices for Special Applications • Universal Coating Thickness Gauges • Universal Paint Thickness Gauge • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges with Echo-Echo System • Electr. Digital Vibration Meters • Electr. Digital Hand Tachometers • Electr. Digital Stroboscopes • Electr.Digital Force Gauges • Electr. Digital Compact Scale • Electr. Digital Precision Scales • Electr. Digital Parcel Platform Scale • Electr. Digital Industrial Counting Scales • Electr. Digital Hanging Scale • Electr. Digital Crane Scale • Test Weights • Voltage Detector • Electr. Digital Miniature Current Clamp • Two Pole Voltage Tester • Electr. Digital Multimeter • Magnet Field Detector • Brake Fluid Tester • Car Tester • Electr. Digital Thermometer • Temperature Probe •Infrared Laser-Thermometer • Electr. Digital Moisture Meter • Electr. Digital Sound Level Meter • Electr. Digital Luxmeter • Electr. Digital Anemometer • Elektr. Digital Surface Roughness Measuring Devices • Surface Finish Specimen • Image/Video Borescope Console • Image/Video Borescope Hoses.

• Electr. Digital Angel Measurer Spirit Level • Electr. Digital Alloy Spirit Level • Electr. Digital Light Alloy Spirit Level • Marking Ink Dressing Paste • Special Cleaner • Electr. Digital Angel-Sensor • Electr. Digital Protractor • Electr. Digital Stopwatch • LED Handheld Magnifier • Prcision Technical Magnifier • Watchmaker Magnifier and Stone Magnifier • Technical Stand Magnifier • Line Tester • Precision Folding Magnifier • Magnifier with LED Lamp • Head-Wearing Magnifier • Prfessional LED IIIuminated Magnifier • Inspection Tool Kit • Magnetic Tray • Magnet Lifter • Electr. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge • Professional Inspection Mirror • Stroke Counter • Mechanical Manual Piece Counter • Length Counter • Measuring Wheel • Data Cable and Accessories for Electr. Digital Measuring Devices • Interface Box • Keyboard Interface • Electr. Digital LCD Display • Data Processing System • Measurement Data Transmission System • Batteries • LED Work Lamp • Hand Held Refractometer

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