Precision Inspection Spirit Levels, sensitivity ±0.01 mm/m

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Adhering to DIN 877 for high-accuracy leveling. Cast iron body, finely ground surfaces, adjustable vials, insulated handles. Ideal for precise industrial measurements. Made by Vogel Germany.


Precision inspection spirit levels designed to comply with DIN 877 are crafted for the utmost accuracy in leveling and adjusting surfaces and cylinders. The specification DIN 877 ensures these instruments meet strict requirements for flatness, straightness, squareness, and parallelism, which are critical for precision measurement tasks.

The standout feature of this line is the heightened sensitivity of ±0.01 mm/m, a significant increase that allows for extremely fine adjustments and measurements. This makes them suitable for tasks where even the smallest deviation can have a large impact on the outcome.

Precision Inspection Spirit Levels, sensitivity ±0.01 mm/m

Each level is encased in a special cast iron housing, ensuring durability and stability. The housing includes a prism and a flat surface, both meticulously ground for precision contact with measured surfaces.

Moreover, each level comes with an adjustable main vial and an additional cross vial, offering versatility in measurement orientations. The inclusion of insulation handles reduces thermal effects and enhances user comfort during prolonged use.

– Sensitivity: ±0.01 mm/m
– Compliance: DIN 877
– Housing: Special cast iron
– Surfaces: Prism and flat, finely ground
– Vials: One adjustable main and one cross vial
– Handles: Insulated
– Manufacturer: Vogel Germany
– Application: High-precision leveling and adjusting

These precision tools are crafted by Vogel Germany, a brand recognized for its high-quality manufacturing standards. They provide professionals in various industries with the confidence that their work meets the highest levels of precision and accuracy as dictated by DIN 877 standards.

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