Precision crank pin levels according to DIN 877. Vogel Germany

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Precision Crank Pin Levels, made in Germany according to DIN 877, are used for aligning crankshafts and pins in motors. They have a 40 mm width, various sensitivities (±0.04mm/m to ±0.2mm/m), lengths (60-120 mm), and an optional magnet feature.


Precision Crank Pin Levels, compliant with DIN 877 standards and manufactured in Germany, are specialized tools designed for the accurate alignment and adjustment of crankshafts and crank pins in motors and machines. These levels feature both vertical and horizontal prisms, finely ground for precision. They are equipped with a main vial and a cross vial, ensuring accurate readings from different angles.

Precision Crank Pin Levels according to DIN 877

The body of the level has a width of 40 mm, making it robust yet convenient to handle. The sensitivity of these levels varies, with options including ±0.04mm/m, ±0.1mm/m, and ±0.2mm/m. This range of sensitivities allows for flexibility in different precision requirements.

Precision crank pin levels according to DIN 877

The lengths of the levels vary as well. For the model with ±0.2mm/m sensitivity, the lengths available are 60 mm (model number 360295), 90 mm (model number 360296), and 120 mm (model number 360297). For the model with ±0.1mm/m sensitivity, the lengths available are 90 mm (model number 360293) and 120 mm (model number 360294).

  • Spirit level to adjust crankshafts and crank pins of motors and machines
  • with vertical and horizontal prism, fine ground
  • with main vial and cross vial
  • width 40 mm
360295 60
360296 90
360297 120
360293 90
360294 120

Option: with magnets in the prism bottom on request, please

An additional option for these precision levels is the inclusion of magnets in the prism bottom. This feature is available upon request and enhances the tool’s utility by allowing it to adhere securely to metal surfaces, providing stability and ease of use during the alignment process.

This range of Precision Crank Pin Levels represents a combination of German engineering precision and practical design, suitable for both professional and industrial applications where accuracy is paramount.

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