Spirit levels ELORA 1554 horizontal vials with magnifying lens

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ELORA 1554 spirit level features a 0.5 mm/m accuracy, robust rectangular aluminum profile, acrylic vials with a magnifying lens, lateral mm graduation, and a durable plastic-coated surface. Ideal for precise leveling, it’s a sturdy, reliable tool for professionals. Made in Germany.


ELORA 1554 spirit levels are engineered with a keen eye for detail, offering an impressive accuracy of 0.5 mm/m, which is equivalent to 0.029°. Each level is constructed with unbreakable vials crafted from acrylic glass, known for its durability and clear visibility.

Spirit levels ELORA 1554 horizontal vials with magnifying lens

The horizontal vials come with a magnifying lens, a feature that significantly enhances readability and ensures precise measurements. For added convenience, these spirit levels also include a lateral mm graduation, allowing for immediate distance measurement and marking.

Spirit levels ELORA 1554 horizontal vials with magnifying lens

These tools are shaped from a rectangular aluminum profile measuring 50 x 21 mm, providing a robust and steady base for any leveling task.

– Accuracy: 0.5 mm/m = 0.029°
– Vials: Unbreakable, made of acrylic glass
– Magnifying Lens: Included on horizontal vials
– Graduation: Lateral millimeter marking
– Profile: Rectangular aluminum, dimensions 50 x 21 mm
– Surface: Plastic-coated for extra protection

The surface is coated with plastic, offering additional protection against wear and environmental elements, which ensures the longevity and reliability of the tool in various working conditions.

Number Length (mm) Length (inch) Weight (g)
1554-400 400 16 353
1554-600 600 24 443
1554-800 800 32 555
1554-1000 1000 40 687

The combination of these technical specifications makes the ELORA 1554 spirit levels a standout choice for professionals who demand accuracy, durability, and utility in their leveling instruments.

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