MCC is one of the leading hand tool manufacturers in Japan, as well as one of the oldest companies in the industry. Since Mr. Anzai, the founder of MCC had started his casting factory in 1916, his never-give-up effort and wise investment for improving the product and quality had brought his company very much success towards a solid enterprises which owns not only manufacturing facilities, but also has its own in-house R&D department which constantly releases many innovative products year after year. To add to the list of accolades, MCC has three sales companies including an international sales office which provides an outlet to the international market.

Unique tools and well-designed feature for the users
As the first manufacturer in Japan to mass-produce Bolt Cutters and Pipe Wrenches, MCC has been introducing numerous innovative products to the market. Through the years of activity in establishing the know-how and basis in R&D towards innovative and creative technologies, MCC currently is recognized as one of the top innovative manufacturers in the hand tools industry in Japan. PVC Pipe Cutter, Corner Wrench, Threaded Rod Cutter, Multi-Layer Wire Stripper and Foot Vises are the products that were developed from the end user’s needs and originally designed by the team at MCC R&D department.

First process after raw materials
MCC is known for its strict standards in its raw materials in the production of its hand tools. Through our research and development we can conclusively state that high quality raw materials is just as important as machining tolerances in the production and finish of the superiority of our tools. That’s the reason why MCC sources our raw materials only from a few of the high-end Japanese steel manufacturers. After receive-in inspection of raw materials, the first process will take place in one of the MCC’s plant such as casting or forging plant in Mie prefecture, Japan.

Total Management
– Strict Quality Control throughout the entire manufacturing process
Establishing manufacturing know-how and technologies for more than 90 years, MCC now owns and operates its own in-house forging and casting factory, heat treatment and surface treatment facilities along with hundreds of machining equipment. This allows us to monitor and manage the product quality at every process of manufacturing. While we appreciate our loyal customers and end users, we are responsible for quality control and safety of our products.

Assembling and Final Quality Inspection
The lowest rate of defective or failure of a product is one of the key for staying on top of the market. Since the first MCC product was packaged in the box, our assembly line ensures that every single unit of a product is well-built and ready for tough work by manually operated inspection station for many years. Because the tool is a sort of an extension of the human body, we believe that the final test by humans is very important as the last health checkup of a product.

Sufficient domestic stock for quick delivery
In order to meet our end-user’s daily needs, we stock large volumes of inventory at our main warehouse in Japan by supplying the fulfillment request from the local stock distributors in each country. According to their requirements, air and sea shipments are leaving to our distributors and end user’s on a daily basis.

MCC Worldwide
We export products to more than 50 countries all over the world for the demands at job sites. MCC International Inc. in Osaka Japan and MCC USA Inc. in California maximize their marketing and product exposure in order to support MCC dealers and distributors. Our stocking distributors know that their professional users in their market can rely on the excellent quality of MCC products. MCC is now recognized as a worldwide brand for its high quality and reliability. That’s why people call MCC, “Tool for Professional.”

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