Precision Inspection Spirit Levels, sensitivity 0.1mm/m.

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Precision Inspection Spirit Levels feature special cast iron housing, finely ground prism and flat surfaces, adjustable main and cross vials, and insulation handles. Offering high precision (0.1 mm/m) in various lengths (150-300mm), they ensure accurate leveling and adjusting.


Precision Inspection Spirit Levels, conforming to DIN 877 standards, are the quintessence of meticulous engineering and design, tailored for the accurate leveling and adjusting of surfaces and machinery. These levels cater to professionals who demand not just precision but longevity and reliability in their tools.

Crafted from special cast iron, the housing of these spirit levels is not just a container for the components; it’s a robust foundation that ensures stability and precision over time. The material choice speaks volumes about the level’s durability and resistance to wear and tear, making it a long-lasting companion in any workshop or construction site.

The design incorporates both a prism and a flat surface, each finely ground to perfection. This dual-feature allows for versatility in application, ensuring that whether you are working with flat surfaces or cylindrical objects, the level provides accurate readings, contributing to the flawless execution of your projects.

Precision Inspection Spirit Levels

Central to its functionality are the adjustable main vial and one cross vial. The main vial offers a broad perspective, while the cross vial adds another dimension to the leveling process, enabling meticulous adjustments and ensuring that every angle is perfect to the minutest degree.

An outstanding feature of these spirit levels is the inclusion of insulation handles. These handles are not just about comfort; they are about precision. They minimize the transfer of body heat to the instrument, preventing thermal expansion and ensuring that the readings remain unaffected and true.

With a sensitivity of 0.1 mm/m, these spirit levels promise high precision. This sensitivity ensures that even the slightest deviation is detected and can be corrected, leading to impeccable leveling and adjusting.

• for accurate levelling and adjusting of surfaces and cylinders
• housing made of special cast iron
• with prism and flat surface, finely ground
• adjustable main vial and one cross vial
• with insulation handles

The levels come in a range of lengths – 150, 160, 200, 250, 300 mm, offering a spectrum of options to suit the varied needs of users. This choice ensures that whether the project is large or small, there is a precision inspection spirit level that fits the task perfectly.

Precision Inspection Spirit Levels, adhering to DIN 877 standards, are not just tools but partners in precision. They combine robust construction with meticulous design and high sensitivity, ensuring that every leveling task is performed with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

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