High-performance clamps

  • Clamping force of up to 35,000 N.
  • Increasingly high clamping pressures with larger throat depths and wider openings. These are the daily requirements of the original high ­performance clamps. Applications include steel fabrication, welding, shipbuilding and automotive manufacturing as well as heavy timber construction, wood laminations and general carpentry.
  • In other words, wherever sturdy or heavy parts need to be clamped securely and with high clamping pressure. Developed on the basis of the tried-and-tested Bessey all-steel screw clamp, the original high-performance clamps fulfil all requirements with panache… again and again.
  • Improved rail profile means greater productivity: The innovative shape of the Bessey rail profile and sliding arm provide a number of productivity enhancing benefits. These benefits include more clamping force per spindle rotation and more clamping stability for faster and safer work. Moreover, the shape of the rail profile and sliding arm guarantees better contact with the work surface at higher clamping forces.

Fitters’ clamp SLM

Fitters' clamp SLM 1 Fitters' clamp SLM 2

High-performance clamp SGM

High-performance clamp SGTM, large throat depth

High-performance clamp STBM, heavy duty

High-performance clamp STBS, extremely heavy duty

High-performance clamp STBVC, extremely heavy duty

Special pressure plate with sintered steel insert

Fitters’ clamp classiX GSL

High-performance clamp classiX GSM

The Bessey high-performance clamp is the ideal tool for your clamping jobs, day after day!

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