Hydraulic Spreader, Swedge. The BETEX hydraulic spreader is a patented special tool that is designed to make lifting and spreading heavy loads, such as engines, gearboxes, and flanges, easier and more accurate. These spreaders and lifters are simple, practical, and ideal for a wide range of industrial maintenance and repair jobs.

With their accurate height adjustments and easy-to-use design, these tools can be operated by just one person, saving time and effort while ensuring precision and safety. Whether you’re working in a tight space or need to lift loads perpendicularly, the BETEX hydraulic tools is an excellent choice.

BETEX hydraulic spreaders

The BETEX hydraulic spreader comes in three different models – the 15 TL, 15 TLS, and 25 TLS – each with its own specific capacity and range of use. These spreaders are particularly suitable for jobs where space is limited, thanks to their reduced thickness and the high-quality hardened steel used in their jaws.

Đầu tách thủy lực 25 tấn

In addition to their practical design, the BETEX tools also include a safety block that secures the load and removes the lifting wedge, adding an extra layer of safety to the lifting and spreading process.

BETEX hydraulic spreader is a reliable and efficient tool for a wide range of industrial maintenance and repair applications, offering precision, ease of use, and safety.

BETEX Hydraulic Flange Spreader

The BETEX hydraulic flange spreader is a specialized tool that is designed specifically for spreading flanges in a safe and efficient manner. Flange spreading is often required during maintenance and repair work on pipelines, valves, and other industrial equipment. With the BETEX hydraulic flange spreader, this task can be completed quickly and easily, without the need for traditional methods such as prying bars, hammers, or wedges.

The BETEX hydraulic flange spreader is available in several different models, with different spreading capacities and jaw sizes to accommodate a wide range of flange sizes and shapes. These spreaders are designed to fit securely between the flange faces, allowing the user to apply controlled and even pressure to spread the flange apart without damaging it. The spreader jaws are made of high-quality materials such as hardened steel, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding industrial environments.

In addition to their practical and efficient design, BETEX hydraulic flange spreaders also offer safety features such as overload protection and a safety locknut to prevent accidental opening of the spreader during use. With their ease of use, reliability, and safety features, BETEX hydraulic flange spreaders are an excellent choice for any industrial operation that requires safe and efficient flange spreading.

Hydraulic spreaders, lifting wedges, flange spreaders. These patented Special Tools are simple and very practical for spreading or lifting loads, such as engines, gearboxes, flanges, etc., with high accuracy.

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