Bolt Cutters

Most popular and widely used with all purpose cuts adaptable from soft to medium hard materials. These bolt cutters give quick and easy cut of rods and bolts. Blades are drop forged from alloy tool steel and carefully heat-treated for maximum strength and wear resistance. All tubular handles except 300mm with ductile handles. 300mm-450mm clipper cut and 600mm-1050mm center cut. 350mm & 450mm center cut available at buyer’s request.

Model No. Size Max Capacity(Dia.)/Metal Hardness Spare
mm inch 80 HRB rod 20 HRC rod 36 HRC rod
BC-0730 300 12″ Ø5 Ø5 Ø3 BCE0030
BC-0735 350 14″ Ø6 Ø6 Ø5 BCE0035
BC-0745 450 18″ Ø8 Ø8 Ø6 BCE0045
BC-0760 600 24″ Ø10 Ø10 Ø8 BCE0060
BC-0775 750 30″ Ø13 Ø13 Ø10 BCE0075
BC-0790 900 36″ Ø15 Ø14 Ø11 BCE0090
BC-0710 1050 1050 Ø18 Ø16 Ø13 BCE0010


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