Standard coupler set BETEX CP 330B, maximum 700 bar.


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SKU: CP 330B

features screw-set quick couplers in four sizes, compatible with existing hydraulic systems. Rated for 700 bar, they offer an anti-leak mechanism for both high and low pressure, ensuring secure, leak-proof connections with a 3/8″NPT thread.

Available on backorder


BETEX CP 330B Standard Coupler Set is designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic systems. This set is part of BETEX’s comprehensive range of screw-set quick couplers, available in four different sizes to accommodate a variety of applications and requirements. Whether integrating with existing hydraulic systems or setting up new ones, these couplers are engineered to provide secure, leak-proof connections.

Key Features of the BETEX CP 330B Standard Coupler Set include:

  • Compatibility: These couplers are versatile, designed to be compatible with both standard male and female connections as well as no-spill systems. This wide compatibility ensures that they can be used in a vast array of hydraulic systems without the need for additional adapters or modifications.
  • Pressure Rating: Each coupler in the set is rated for up to 700 bar, making them suitable for high-pressure applications. This high-pressure rating ensures that the couplers can handle the demands of even the most challenging hydraulic tasks.
  • Anti-Leak Mechanism: A standout feature of the BETEX CP 330B couplers is their anti-leak mechanism. This mechanism is effective at both high and low pressures, ensuring a secure seal that prevents fluid leaks. This is crucial for maintaining system efficiency, preventing fluid loss, and ensuring the safety of the operating environment.
  • Thread Specification: The couplers come with a 3/8″NPT thread, a standard thread size that ensures easy integration into most hydraulic systems. This commonality in thread size allows for straightforward installation and replacement, reducing downtime and increasing the system’s overall reliability.
  • Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, these couplers are constructed from materials that ensure durability and longevity. Their robust design guarantees that they can withstand continuous use in various conditions without degradation in performance.

The BETEX CP 330B Standard Coupler Set exemplifies precision engineering designed to meet the needs of modern hydraulic systems. Whether for industrial applications, maintenance, or repair, these couplers offer a reliable solution for establishing secure hydraulic connections, demonstrating BETEX’s commitment to quality and performance in hydraulic components.