All-steel screw clamps

all‑steel screw clamp 3
  • Clamp that are resilient, elastic and powerful
  • The inspiration for many innovative clamping tools
  • Bessey’s unrivalled all-steel quality: Light, easy to handle and strong
  • The original Bessey all-steel screw clamps are the perfect step up from the original Bessey malleable cast iron screw clamps. They clamp resiliently and elastically, making them an essential aid when you want your tools to cover a wide range of applications. In addition, the all-steel screw clamp is a model for many other innovative Bessey clamping tools – e.g. lever clamps, high-performance clamps, area pressure clamps, one-handed clamps and rafter clamps.
  • The Omega GMZ screw clamp offers maximum flexibility and safety thanks to its unique, patented Omega bend, which maintains the clamping pressure for longer, even when the all-steel screw clamp is shaken by vibrations. It also ensures that sensitive surfaces receive the necessary protection because the clamping pressure can be selected even more precisely. As with all all-steel screw clamps, it can also be used for any application, either for processing wood or metal.
  • GZ all-steel screw clamp – all models are equipped with an optimised rail profile and replaceable pressure plate.
  • The Omega screw clamp GMZ – universally applicable, for everything from wood to metal processing.
all‑steel screw clamp 1 all‑steel screw clamp 2
all‑steel screw clamp 4

All-steel screw clamp GZ

  • With 2-component plastic handle
  • With tried-and-true wooden handle
  • With tommy bar
all‑steel screw clamp GZ 1 all‑steel screw clamp GZ 2

All-steel screw clamp GS

  • With tried-and-true wooden handle
  • With tommy bar
All‑steel screw clamp classiX GS 1 All‑steel screw clamp classiX GS 2

OMEGA screw clamp GMZ

  • With 2-component plastic handle
  • With tommy bar
OMEGA screw clamp GMZ 1 OMEGA screw clamp GMZ 2

Pressure cap strips SKS

Pressure cap strips SKS 1 Pressure cap strips SKS 2

In future, if you are looking for a powerful, flexible clamping effect, then what you need is a BESSEY all-steel screw clamp. You can be sure of it!

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