Bolt cutters BC-07 from soft to medium hard materials MCC – Japan

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Most popular and widely used with all purpose cuts adaptable from soft to medium hard materials. These bolt cutters give quick and easy cut of rods and bolts. Made in Japan.


When it comes to cutting through a wide range of materials with ease and precision, look no further than the BC-07 Bolt Cutter. Manufactured by MCC, a renowned brand based in Japan, these bolt cutters have gained immense popularity and are widely used for their exceptional performance and versatility.

The BC-07 Bolt Cutters are specifically designed to handle all-purpose cutting tasks, making them an indispensable tool for various applications. Whether you need to cut through soft or medium-hard materials, these bolt cutters deliver quick and effortless results, saving you time and effort.

One of the standout features of the BC-07 Bolt Cutter is its high-quality construction. The blades are drop forged from alloy tool steel, ensuring exceptional durability and strength. Furthermore, they undergo a meticulous heat-treatment process, maximizing their wear resistance and longevity. With these robust blades, you can confidently tackle even the toughest cutting challenges.

Bolt cutters BC-07 from soft to medium hard materials

The BC-07 Bolt Cutter is available in two different sizes to cater to your specific needs. The 300mm to 450mm variant features a clipper cut, while the 600mm to 1050mm version employs a center cut. These size options provide flexibility, allowing you to choose the most suitable cutter length for your tasks.

The BC-07 Bolt Cutter stands out not only for its exceptional performance but also for its ergonomic design. The majority of the models feature tubular handles, which offer a comfortable grip and enhanced control during operation. For the 300mm variant, ductile handles are utilized to provide optimal strength and durability.

Model Size Max Capacity (Dia.)/Metal Hardness Weight
Spare Blade
mm inch 80 HRB Rod 20 HRC Rod 36 HRC Rod
BC-0730 300 12″ 5 5 3 0.65 BCE0030
BC-0735 350 14″ 6 6 5 0.95 BCE0035
BC-0745 450 18″ 8 8 6 1.45 BCE0045
BC-0760 600 24″ 10 10 8 2.50 BCE0060
BC-0775 750 30″ 13 13 10 3.85 BCE0075
BC-0790 900 36″ 16 14 11 5.90 BCE0090
BC-0710 1050 42″ 18 16 13 8.05 BCE0010

In addition to the standard offerings, the BC-07 Bolt Cutter also caters to individual preferences. Upon request, MCC provides 350mm and 450mm center cut options, further expanding the versatility of these bolt cutters and ensuring they meet the specific requirements of buyers.

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson, a DIY enthusiast, or someone in need of a reliable cutting tool for various purposes, the BC-07 Bolt Cutter is an excellent choice. Its exceptional cutting performance, durable construction, and adaptability to handle a wide range of materials make it a must-have tool in any toolbox.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of the BC-07 Bolt Cutter, and witness firsthand why it has become the go-to cutting solution for countless individuals worldwide. Trust in the quality and craftsmanship of MCC, and let the BC-07 Bolt Cutter revolutionize your cutting tasks.

SKU Add Plier sizeOveral lengh
12 inch300mm
14 inch350mm
18 inch450mm
24 inch600mm
30 inch750mm
36 inch900mm
42 inch1050mm
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A spare blade for bolt cutters is an additional cutting blade that can be used to replace the original blade of the bolt cutters. Bolt cutters are a hand tool designed to cut through materials such as chains, wires, cables, and bolts.

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