Installation The spirit level for plumbers

SKU: 80M Installation

Especially suitable
for plumbing work in
the fields of heating
and sanitation, e. g. transferring the drill hole
markings for sink brackets and valves.


• Aluminium rectangular profile with printed
installation dimensions and notches for
transferring gauges
• Installation points can be transferred
directly from the profile – align, mark, drill
• Extra-strong rare-earth magnet system for
optimal adhesion to metal objects – leaves
the hands free when aligning and adjusting
plumbing systems
• Six-ring horizontal vial for positioning
1% and 2% slopes
• Anti-slip stopper and continuous bridge
over the horizontal vial – ideal for marking
• Upper surface of the profile has a metric
scale centred in the middle
• Designed for measuring in normal and
reverse position – STABILA installation
technology ensures long-term accuracy

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0.029°Rare-earth magnet
0.029°Rare-earth magnet
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