Spirit level professional quality in a mini format


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Professional mini-format spirit level with tough rectangular aluminium core housing and two precision-milled measuring surfaces with V-groove for horizontal and vertical measurements.

21 in stock (can be backordered)


Professional mini-format spirit level. The small spirit level takes up very little space and can always be carried with you. Perfect for alignment in inaccessible places. With original large-size STABILA precision vial. Measuring accuracy in normal position ± 1.0 mm/m

When it comes to precise measurements and alignment in tight spaces, the Pocket PRO Magnetic Spirit Level by STABILA is the ultimate solution. Designed with professionals in mind, this mini-format spirit level combines portability, durability, and exceptional accuracy, making it an essential tool for craftsmen on the go.

One of the standout features of the Pocket PRO is its compact size, which takes up minimal space and can be easily carried in your pocket or tool belt. This ensures that you always have this indispensable tool within reach, ready to tackle alignment tasks in even the most inaccessible places.

Pocket PRO Magnetic spirit level 7cm

Equipped with an original large-size STABILA precision vial, the Pocket PRO guarantees reliable and accurate readings. With a measuring accuracy of ± 1.0 mm/m in the normal position, this compact spirit level ensures that your measurements are precise, allowing for flawless results in your projects.

The Pocket PRO is specially designed for versatility and convenience. It features strong rare-earth magnets on both the base and lateral measuring surface, making it ideal for work in metal construction. These powerful magnets provide a secure grip, allowing the spirit level to firmly attach to metal surfaces, freeing up your hands for effortless alignment.

Crafted with a tough rectangular aluminium core housing, the Pocket PRO is built to withstand the demands of professional use. Its rugged construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable companion on any job site.

The spirit level boasts two precision-milled measuring surfaces with a V-groove design, enabling accurate horizontal and vertical measurements. This versatile feature allows craftsmen to confidently tackle a wide range of alignment tasks, ensuring that each project is executed with precision and efficiency.

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, the Pocket PRO Magnetic Spirit Level is the ideal second measuring tool for all your needs. Its compact size, exceptional accuracy, and strong magnetic capabilities make it an invaluable companion, enabling you to achieve perfect alignment and professional results every time.

In conclusion, the Pocket PRO Magnetic Spirit Level by STABILA is the ultimate compact tool for precision alignment. With its durable construction, exceptional accuracy, and magnetic capabilities, this mini-format spirit level is the ideal choice for professionals working in metal construction or tight spaces. Carry it with you wherever you go, and experience the convenience and precision of this indispensable tool in your everyday projects.

Strong rareearth magnets on the base and lateral measuring surface. Especially suitable for working in metal construction. Ideal second measuring tool for all craftsmen. Pocket PRO Magnetic spirit level 7cm.


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