Roller tool cabinet BUDDY 1210-L7, empty, crafted by ELORA


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SKU: 1210-L7

ELORA Roller tool cabinet BUDDY 1210-L7 features a durable design with seven drawers, customizable compartments, and mobile casters, supporting a total load of 300 kg.

Available on backorder


Roller tool cabinet BUDDY 1210-L7 crafted by ELORA is a robust and versatile storage solution for tools and equipment. Its design is engineered with precision, making it an ideal choice for professionals who value organization and efficiency in their workspace.

The cabinet stands at 1010 mm in height, with a depth of 470 mm and a width that spans 710 mm, providing ample space for a variety of tools. It’s built to last, featuring a solid metal sheet pattern with a corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant powder coating, ensuring durability and longevity. The top shelf is constructed from ABS plastic, featuring five storage compartments for small parts, and a rim along all sides to prevent items from slipping off.

Functionality and flexibility are at the core of the BUDDY 1210-L7’s design. It comes with seven drawers, each capable of supporting 20 kg, with the exception of the two lower drawers which can hold up to 30 kg each. The drawers slide out effortlessly on ball bearing guide rails, are 100% extractable for easy access, and each has an internal measurement of 570 mm in width and 410 mm in depth. They are secured with a central locking system that includes two keys, and each drawer is equipped with a safety locking system to prevent accidental opening.

Roller tool cabinet BUDDY 1210-L7, empty

The cabinet’s mobility is a standout feature, with broad gauge running gear comprising four full rubber Ø 125 mm casters, two of which have swivel capabilities with a double brake function for both tangential and axial movement, providing stability and ease of movement around the workshop.

– Product Code: 121000006000
– Model Number: 1210-L7
– Physical Dimensions:
– Height: 1010 mm
– Width: 710 mm
– Depth: 470 mm
– Loading Capacity: 300 kg
– Number of Pieces: 1
– Weight: 67,000 g
– Features
– 7 drawers with corrosion-resistant powder-coating
– Top shelf of ABS plastic with 5 compartments
– Load capacity per drawer: 20 kg, bottom drawers 30 kg
– Drawers’ internal measurements: W 570 x D 410 mm
– 100% extractable drawers with ball bearing guide rails
– Safety locking system for each drawer
– Central locking with 2 keys
– Solid metal handlebar, can be mounted on both sides
– Can hold up to 6 different accessories
– Two can holders included
– Broad gauge running gear with 4 rubber casters, Ø 125 mm, 2 with double brake function (tangential and axial)
– Delivery without tools and accessories
– Compatible with ELORA OMS modules

Additionally, the BUDDY 1210-L7 allows for customization with ELORA OMS modules, enabling users to tailor their storage system to their specific needs. It also includes a foldable tray for small parts and a screwdriver tray, as well as two can holders, enhancing its practicality. The tool cabinet does not come with tools or accessories, which provides users the freedom to equip it as they see fit, based on their individual requirements.

This model, with a total loading capacity of 300 kg, stands as a testament to ELORA’s commitment to quality, offering a reliable and well-designed storage system for professionals seeking order and convenience in their work environment.