Spirit level for bricklayers, STABILA 96K series, made in Germany


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SKU: 16403

Ultra-rigid aluminum, patented impact protection for precision. Features include precision-milled surfaces, easy-to-clean coating, eye-level readability, reinforcing ribs for stability, and shock-absorbing end caps. Ideal for bricklaying.

Available on backorder


STABILA 96K series spirit level is an indispensable tool for bricklayers, merging precision engineering with practical design. Crafted from ultra-rigid aluminum, its rectangular profile boasts patented impact protection. This innovation allows for the immediate correction of deviations without the need for a separate tool; a gentle tap on the impact protection aligns the construction material perfectly.

Spirit level for bricklayers, STABILA 96K series, made in Germany

Precision is at the heart of the 96K series. Its measuring surfaces are precision-milled, ensuring not only accurate readings but also the prevention of discolourations on delicate surfaces such as fair-faced brickwork. The cleanliness of the tool is maintained effortlessly, courtesy of its electrostatic powder coating which repels dirt and debris.

Ergonomics and readability are key. The spirit level features a second vertical vial, strategically offset towards the center. This thoughtful design ensures that the vial is at eye level and easily readable from any measuring position. The tool’s structure is reinforced with ribs, enhancing its stability and providing a secure grip during use.

Moreover, the shock-absorbing end caps are a testament to the tool’s durability. They consist of a two-component material mix, designed to absorb energy upon impact efficiently, thereby safeguarding the profile from damage.

The spirit level for bricklayers 96K series

  • Type: 96-2 K
  • No: 16403
  • Accuracy in normal position: 0.029°
  • Accuracy in reverse position: 0.043°
  • Vial type: 1 x horizontal, 2 x vertical
  • End caps: Anti-slip stopper /Shockabsorbing / Removable
  • Special feature: Impact protection
  • Length: 810mm
  • Made in Germany.

STABILA 96K series spirit level is not just a tool but a trusted companion for bricklayers, especially suitable for precision tasks such as positioning a wall. Its combination of robust construction, precision, and thoughtful design makes it a staple in the masonry professional’s toolkit.