Terms and Conditions

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The policy of product exchange and return.

Minh Khang Company commits to supplying products that are correct, complete, and of guaranteed quality according to the manufacturer’s standards.

In cases of force majeure and defects that belong to the seller or the manufacturer, we commit to replacing the product with a new one for our customers within 24 hours of receiving a notification of the defect. If the replacement product is not available and needs to be imported, we commit to importing the goods and replacing them for our customers as soon as possible. The time for importing to Vietnam depends on the availability of goods at the manufacturer’s warehouse, the value of the item, and the schedule of flights. We always carry out the replacement process as quickly as possible to ensure that our customers receive their goods as soon as possible.

We do not offer warranty, exchange, or return for cases of misuse contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations, fire, explosion, natural disasters, enemy action, and other cases of force majeure.

We do not offer exchange or return for used goods or goods that are distorted due to user error.

1. For goods that are of the wrong type, model, wrench number, part number, or reference code:

We will carry out an immediate exchange for the customer if we discover that it is different from what was ordered/agreed upon in the contract.

2. For goods damaged during transportation:

We will carry out an immediate exchange or return for the customer once the responsibility for the damage has been determined.

3. For goods that are partially or completely damaged:

We will replace them under the condition that replacement parts are available domestically, or replacement parts must be imported or entirely replaced if the product is entirely damaged and still under warranty. Please refer to our warranty policy for more information.

Terms of Delivery:

The delivery terms specify the responsibilities of the seller and buyer regarding the transportation of goods. The following are some common delivery terms:

1. Ex Works (EXW): The seller makes the goods available at their premises, and the buyer is responsible for all transportation costs and risks.

2. Free on Board (FOB): The seller is responsible for loading the goods onto a shipping vessel at a specified port, and the buyer is responsible for all transportation costs and risks from that point forward.

3. Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF): The seller is responsible for the cost, insurance, and freight of the goods to a specified port, and the buyer is responsible for unloading the goods and any additional costs and risks.

4. Delivery Duty Paid (DDP): The seller is responsible for all costs and risks associated with delivering the goods to a specified location, including customs clearance and import duties.

The specific delivery terms should be agreed upon by both parties before the transaction is completed to avoid any disputes or misunderstandings.

1. Packaging of Goods

We, Minh Khang Trading and Production Company, operating under the website https://vinatools.de, commit to delivering goods of the correct type, product code, and quantity according to the standards of the manufacturer and the agreement between both parties.

Our goods are 100% new and unused, and ready for operation.

The goods will be packaged according to the manufacturer’s standards, and additionally, Mike.vn will package the goods according to Minh Khang Trading and Production Company’s standards (https://www.mike.vn/) to ensure the safe and secure transportation of the goods.

For short distances, we will deliver the goods directly, while for other cases, a third party will be involved in the delivery process. The third-party delivery service will be a reputable organization recognized by the market.

2. For retail orders under 5,000,000 VND:

  • The goods will be delivered to the buyer’s specified address confirmed by both parties via phone or email.
  • The goods will only be delivered to the buyer’s hands once the payment has been completed. Please refer to our payment methods for more information.
  • We commit to free delivery to the buyer’s location, except in cases where the competition is high, and the buyer requests to separate the transportation cost to pay on their own.

3. For orders ranging from over 5,000,000 to under 20,000,000 VND,

the basic payment method follows the general terms in the payment method published on the website https://vinatools.de/.

We limit cash collection to the maximum extent possible, except in cases where a third party collector is authorized. The third party must be recognized organizations or individuals who are authorized.

Goods will only be delivered after payment has been confirmed by the banking system.

4. Orders through competitive bidding:

  • Goods will be delivered according to the terms of the inviting party in the competitive bidding process and specified in the economic contract.
  • Goods will be delivered directly by Minh Khang Trading and Production Company https://vinatools.de/.

5. Orders through auctions:

  • Goods will be delivered according to the provisions of the economic contract and the mutually agreed terms and conditions of the parties in accordance with the current bidding law.
  • Details of the terms and conditions will be fully reflected in the economic contract.

6. Orders sold to partners who are not the end users:

  • Goods will be delivered at the seller’s warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City, due to competition and the trade partner having their own delivery system. https://vinatools.de/
  • In case the partner sales require delivery to their location, we will charge additional transportation costs. The transportation cost is based on the cost of the third-party transportation service provider.
  • Other cases will be agreed upon separately according to the terms of the economic contract.

7. Orders sold to end users with a value of over 20,000,000 VND:

Delivery terms will be specified in the economic contract. Minh Khang Trading and Production Company will comply with and fulfill all commitments in the contract. https://vinatools.de/

8. Other terms: Any specific terms will be discussed directly between the parties.

Warranty Policy

  1. All products supplied by Minh Khang Trading and Production Company will be warranted according to the manufacturer’s standard. This means that we will comply with the manufacturer’s warranty policy.
  2. The warranty period starts from the delivery date.
  3. The warranty covers manufacturer defects.
  4. The warranty does not cover defects caused by improper use, failure to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations, natural disasters, fires, enemy actions, and cases beyond the control of both parties.
  5. Warranty Location: Minh Khang Equipment Corp. ‘s office.
  6. Main Office & Showroom: Vinhome Grand Park – Distr. 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Warranty periods are as follows

  1. Bearing induction heater: 18 to 36 months. The 36-month warranty term follows the manufacturer’s policy, but the warranty does not cover electronic components, insulation gloves, and consumable materials.
  2. Coating thickness gauge: 12-18 months.
  3. Hydraulic flange spreader: 12 months.
  4. Hand tools: 12 months.
  5. Consumable materials: not covered by warranty.
  6. Replacement accessories: 6 months.
  7. Hydraulic tools: 36 months warranty for the main components, and 1 year for the remaining parts.

Note: Almost there for domestic customer only.