Module combination spanner ELORA OMS-9, for roller tool cabinets


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including sizes 8-22 mm, designed for roller tool cabinets. It features durable, chrome-vanadium steel, corrosion resistance, and meets DIN 3113, ISO 3318, and ISO 7738 standards, stored in a hard foam insert.

Available on backorder


ELORA OMS-9 bent module combination spanner set, meticulously crafted in Germany, stands as a testament to precision engineering. This collection, ranging from 8 mm to 22 mm, is tailored for integration with ELORA’s roller tool cabinets, ensuring a seamless fit for professionals in the mechanical field.

Each spanner is constructed from high-grade ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium 31CrV3 steel, renowned for its durability and resistance to the strains of regular use. The spanners boast a matte chrome plating, a deliberate choice for its corrosion-resistant properties and ease of maintenance.

ELORA OMS-9 bent module combination spanner set

The design, featuring a bent profile, enables efficient operation in confined spaces, addressing the practical needs of its users. Additionally, these tools comply with stringent standards including DIN 3113, ISO 3318, and ISO 7738, reflecting their universal acceptance in professional settings for both dimensional accuracy and performance.

Module combination spanner ELORA OMS-9

Storage is just as sophisticated, with the tools neatly organized within a hard foam insert that fits into a compact space of 41.0 cm in width and 18.9 cm in depth. The black foam, accented with a yellow signal color, is not only resistant to oil and grease but also to a variety of chemicals, thus safeguarding the spanners against adverse workshop conditions.

– Sizes: 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 19, 22 mm
– Material: ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium 31CrV3 steel
– Finish: Matte chrome plated
– Features: Corrosion-resistant, oil and grease resistant, chemical resistant
– Storage dimensions: Width 41.0 cm, Depth 18.9 cm
– Storage: Hard foam insert, black with yellow highlights
– Compliance: DIN 3113, Form A, ISO 3318, ISO 7738 standards
– Country of origin: Germany

This meticulous arrangement assures that each tool is promptly accessible while being well-preserved in an orderly, secure environment, ready for the demanding tasks that lie ahead.

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203- Select Combination spanner short version 203-, according to DIN 3113, Form A Combination spanner short version 203-, according to DIN 3113, Form A

It features a bent design for tight spaces, matte chrome plating for durability, and compliance with industry standards. Ideal for mechanics, it simplifies fastener handling and ensures safety and performance. Elora Germany.

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