Letter and number punches. DIN 1451 is a German standard that provides guidelines for the design of typefaces and lettering, particularly for use in signage, road markings, and other applications where legibility and clarity are important. The standard specifies various aspects of the design, such as the height and width of characters, the spacing between characters and lines, and the stroke weight and style.

When a number punch is described as being “according to DIN 1451,” it means that the punch has been designed to conform to the guidelines laid out in the standard. In practical terms, this means that the numbers produced by the punch should be clear, legible, and consistent in appearance, making them easy to read from a distance or in poor lighting conditions.

Using a number punch that conforms to DIN 1451 can be particularly important in industrial or commercial settings, where clear and consistent marking of parts or equipment is essential for safety and efficiency. By using a punch that produces numbers that conform to a recognized standard, you can be confident that the markings you produce will be clear and easy to read, regardless of the application.

How to use a number punch ELORA 400z?

Here are the steps to use the Elora 400Z number punch set

  1. Choose the number punch that you need for the job. The Elora 400Z set includes 9 punches, each with a different number from 0 to 9.
  2. Position the item that you want to mark on a solid surface, such as a metal sheet or block of wood.
  3. Hold the number punch with the number you want to mark facing down, and line it up with the spot where you want to make the mark.
  4. Strike the end of the punch firmly with a hammer or mallet. The force of the impact will drive the number into the surface of the material.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed to create additional marks or numbers.
  6. When you are finished, clean any debris or residue from the punches with a soft cloth.

Some tips to keep in mind when using the Elora 400Z number punch set:

– Use a hammer or mallet with a weight and size appropriate for the size of the punch. A hammer that is too heavy or too light can make it difficult to control the punch and can lead to inaccurate marks or damage to the punch itself.

– Be sure to position the punch accurately before striking it, as repositioning after a strike can cause the mark to be inaccurate or crooked.

– Use caution when striking the punch, as the force of the impact can cause the punch to bounce or jump. Always wear eye protection when using a number punch set.

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