Spirit level with 2 vials Type 82S, slim, tough, cast aluminium profile

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STABILA Type 82S Spirit Level sets the bar high for precision, durability, and user-friendly design. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a passionate DIY enthusiast, this exceptional tool will undoubtedly become an invaluable asset in your toolkit, ensuring that your projects are executed flawlessly with unrivaled accuracy.


Spirit level with 2 vials Type 82S, slim, tough, cast aluminium profile. Stabila – Made in Germany. Precision and Durability in One Sleek Package. When it comes to achieving perfect alignment and precise measurements, professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike rely on the trusted brand of STABILA. Setting new standards in accuracy and durability, the STABILA Type 82S Spirit Level is a remarkable tool that combines superior functionality with a sleek and slim design.

Crafted with a cast aluminium profile, the Type 82S spirit level boasts a slim yet tough construction that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Its robust build ensures longevity, making it an ideal companion for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Spirit level with 2 vials Type 82S

One of the standout features of the Type 82S is its abrasion-resistant scale, which allows for direct and effortless measurement readings in centimetre gradations. This innovative scale not only enhances convenience but also guarantees accuracy, enabling users to achieve precise results every time.

  • Slim, tough, cast aluminium profile
  • Measurements can be read and checked directly using the abrasion-resistant scale in centimetre gradations
  • Easy cleaning – dirt can be removed thanks to the electrostatic powder coating
  • Finger-grip opening for comfortable use (length of 80 cm with two finger-grip openings)
  • The spirit level with two precision-milled measuring surfaces does not leave behind any discolourations on the surface; for example, on fair-faced brickwork
  • STABILA installation technology ensures long-term accuracy – measuring accuracy in normal position: ± 0.5 mm/m

Maintenance and cleanliness are made hassle-free with the electrostatic powder coating of the spirit level. This coating not only protects the tool from dirt and debris but also facilitates easy cleaning, ensuring that the level remains in optimal condition for reliable performance.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the Type 82S incorporates finger-grip openings along its 80 cm length. This thoughtful feature provides a comfortable and secure grip, reducing strain during extended periods of use.

Moreover, the spirit level’s two precision-milled measuring surfaces are engineered to leave no discolourations on surfaces such as fair-faced brickwork. This means that professionals can confidently work on delicate projects without worrying about unsightly marks or blemishes.

Equipped with STABILA’s advanced installation technology, the Type 82S guarantees long-term accuracy. With a measuring accuracy of ± 0.5 mm/m in the normal position, users can rely on this spirit level to deliver consistent and dependable results, project after project.

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