Fall Arrest Block Tiger TIB Fall Arrest Retractable Lifelines / Inertia Reels are designed to reduce vertical impact force on the body caused by falling from height. They are used to provide semi-permanent fall protection. The lifeline tension allows the user to move freely around the work area.

PPE Category III Retractable Type Fall Arrestor – wire and webbing types available.

Wire fall arrest block Tiger Webbing type fall arrest block

Fall Arrest Block Wire type

Available with 6m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m wire rope lengths

  • Lightweight, compact and durable
  • Triple pawl brake system with energy dissipating mechanism
  • Side cable exit for smooth operation and reduced cable wear
  • 150kg capacity for operator and tools
  • Top anchor point with built-in swivel-limits lifeline twisting
  • Supplied with screw gate karabiner for fitting to a suitable anchor point
  • Top scaffold hook available as an option
  • Lower self-locking snap hook and swivel with built-in impact indicator for connecting directly to the safety harness
  • All fittings meet EN 362:2002
Model Lenght of wire (m) Net Weight (kg)
TIB-06 6 5.9
TIB-10 10 6.5
TIB-15 15 8.0
TIB-20 20 10.8
TIB-30 30 13.3
  • Buffer spring at cable exit protects block and allows for smooth operation
  • Fully serviceable by an approved Service Agent/Centre
  • High strength ABS (thermoplastic) casing
  • Ergonomic carrying handle makes transport, set-up and storage easy and safe
  • Side case with metal bush for shaft housing
  • Minimum static strength 15kN
  • Easy to inspect
  • 4.8mm galvanised wire rope
  • Supplied with pull down cord
  • Conforms to EN 360:2002 EC Notified Body Apave
  • Braking force: less than 6kN
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +50°C
Tiger Fall Arrest block carton Triple pawl break system on fall arrest block

Fall Arrest Webbing type 

Available with 2m, 3.5m and 6m webbing lengths 

  • Lightweight, compact and durable 
  • Ideal for use in areas where a wire rope could damage fragile items in the work area 
  • Top anchor point with built-in swivel – limits lifeline twisting (2m and 3.5m models) 
  • Supplied with screw gate karabiner for fitting to a suitable anchor point 
  • Top scaffold hook available as an option 
  • 6m model complete with lower self-locking snap hook and swivel with built-in impact indicator 
  • 2m and 3.5m models with “rip stich indicator” and ultra lightweight self-locking hook 
Model Webbing lenght (m) Webbing width (mm) Net weight (kg)
TIB-02-W 2 25 1.15
TIB-035-W 3.5 25 1.6
TIB-06-W 6 20 2.0
  • All fittings meet EN 362:2002 
  • 140 kg capacity 
  • Lightweight aluminium housing for 2m and 3.5m models 
  • High Strength ABS (thermoplastic) casing for 6m model 
  • Minimum static strength 15kN 
  • Easy to inspect 
  • Dyneema webbing 
  • 3.5m and 6m models supplied with pull down cord 
  • Conforms to EN 360:2002 
  • Braking force: less than 6kN 
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +50°C 

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