Spirit level developed for the most demanding building site use

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Type R 300: Especially suitable for craftsmen who subject their tools to extremely demanding conditions; for example, in bricklaying and carpentry, in wood construction, reinforced concrete construction, window fitting, road construction, gardening and landscaping work.


R300 spirit level developed for the most demanding building site use. Accuracy in normal position 0.029° = 0.5 mm/m. Accuracy in reverse position the same with normal. Measuring surfaces 02 vias. Vial type 1 x horizontal and 2 x vertical. End caps: Anti-slip stopper / Shockabsorbing/ Removable.

R300 thước thủy thợ xây Stabila Germany

R300 spirit level developed for bricklaying and carpentry

  • Extremely robust, torsion-resistant aluminium R-profile
  • Extra-wide measuring surface for extreme stability – no tipping over during the measurement process
  • Three accurate marking and cutting edges allow exact marking over the full length of the profile
  • Handrail with finger groove over the full length makes it easy to grip when measuring and carrying
  • Coated measuring surfaces protect delicate surfaces
  • Continuous bridge over the horizontal vial increases the stability of the profile
  • End caps with an anti-slip stopper – for a firm seat when marking
  • Shock-absorbing end caps – the two component material mix protects the profile against impact
  • Removable end caps allow exact positioning and marking right up into the corners
  • The ‘R’ profile shape allows construction material to be smoothed off easily Easy to clean thanks to the electrostatic powder coating
  • STABILA installation technology ensures long-term accuracy – measuring accuracy in normal and reverse position: ± 0.5 mm/m.

R300 spirit level applications

Type R300 nivo thợ xây Stabila Spirit level

  • Type R 300: Especially suitable for craftsmen who subject their tools to extremely demanding conditions; for example, in bricklaying and carpentry, in wood construction, reinforced concrete construction, window fitting, road construction, gardening and landscaping work.
Extremely robust: Torsionresistant five-chamber ‘R’ profile. Developed for the most demanding building site use. Extremely stable: Extra-wide measuring surface. High level of protection from tipping over during the measuring process.
Exact line marking: Three accurate marking and cutting edges over the full length. Continuous bridge over the horizontal vial. Extremely handy: Handrail with finger groove over the full length. Easy to handle when measuring and carrying.

Spirit Level R300 applications bricklayer


  1. Accuracy INP: Accuracy in normal position
  2. Accuracy IRP: Accuracy in reverse position
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