Beam Clamp
Fixed jaw heavy duty beam clamp with shackle BCF
Range from 1.0t to 30.0t
• Quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting
• Shackle suspension point
• Suitable for pulling and lifting at angles across the
• Up to 90° side loading with no deration
• 15° cross loading with no deration
• Highly flexible – for lifting, pulling or as a
semi-permanent anchor point
• Evenly distributed loads achieved through
maximum jaw surface area
• Multidirectional adjusting screw spindle ensures a high clamping
force to the various flange sizes within its capacity
• Beam width range 75mm to 457mm
• Operating temperature of -50°C to +50°C
• 4:1 factor of safety
• These units meet and exceed all the requirements within
BS EN 13155:2003+A2:2009 and AS4991
No deration up to 90° has been established for Tiger BCF model
clamps and applies only for overhead beam attachments.
It DOES NOT apply when used for lifting beams.
We advise that structural calculations are carried out on all beams and supporting steel work by qualified engineering departments to ensure safe operation

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