The manual wire rope puller is a hand operated lifting and pulling device. The puller could also be used for lowering, tensioning and guying which makes it a versatile, portable and multipurpose tool. 

The principle function of the wire puller is that the rope passes through mechanical jaws rather than being reeled on a drum of a puller or conventional winch.

The tension of the rope is applied by means of two pairs of self-energised jaws which apply a grip onto the wire rope in sections. 

The effort is transferred to the jaws by two parallel levers, one for forward operation and the other for reverse operation. A telescopic bar, fitted to either the forward or reverse lever, transmits the effort to the jaw mechanism. 

This parallel clamping system provides an evenly distributed grip at a lower force, resulting in less  rope wear. The load is held securely at all times. 

TRPA Steel wire rope puller tiger TRPA Aluminium wire rope puller Wire rope

Wire rope puller – Tiger

  • Range from 800kg to 5400kg (Lifting Capacity)
  • Corrosion free aluminium alloy casing or steel versions available
  • Rope clamp system easily disengaged with a lever allowing smooth installation of wire rope
  • Individually serial numbered for traceability
  • Lightweight manual pulling machines – simple and safe to operate
  • Usable at horizontal, vertical and angled working positions
  • Compact high-strength
  • 20m steel wire with eye hook as standard
  • Overload protection built in, with a shearing pin in the forward lever
  • Shear pins can be replaced without removing the load
  • Spare shear pins supplied
  • Parallel clamping system providing evenly distributed grip at a lower force, resulting in less rope wear
  • Equipped with an anchor bolt offering numerous connection possibilities
  • Supplied with relevant certification and user instructions

Tiger wire rope pulling machines are suitable for pulling, lifting, tensioning and releasing in any direction.

They are available in light and compact aluminium or pressed steel construction for applications where aluminium is not recommended.

The wire rope puller comes with a telescopic operating handle* and 20 metres of wire rope fitted with an eye-type hook as standard. Any length of rope can be supplied to your requirements. Alternatively the wire rope puller is available as a machine only, without wire rope. (*the operating handle with the 800kg TRPA/TRPS is not telescopic)

These units meet and exceed all the requirements within BS EN 13157:2004+A1:2009.

Aluminium casing wire rope puller

Model WLL Pulling Cap Rope diameter Breaking strain Effort Advance
Weight Overall lenght Overall hight
kg kg Ømm kN kg mm kg mm mm
TRPA-08 800 1200 8.3 43 35 52 6.0 426 235
TRPA-16 1600 2400 11 120 41 55 11.0 545 280
TRPA-32 3200 4800 16 162 45 28 22.0 660 325
TRPA-54 5400 8000 20 264 76 30 50.0 930 480

Increase the pulling and lifting capacity for wire rope puller

Various methods of rigging are shown. For the correct and incorrect method refer to figures 1 and 2. Other methods of rigging will increase the capacity of the machine – refer to figures 3 and 4. 

In examples 3 and 4 the maximum working load limit (WLL) of the pulley and anchor point shall be equal to or greater than two times the WLL. 

NOTE: When the wire rope puller is anchored directly to a fixed point, ensure that there are no obstructions around the machine which could prevent the wire rope, puller and anchor from operating in a straight line. 

It is recommended to use a sling of similar capacity between the anchor point and the unit. 

WARNING: Any rigging configuration which requires the calculation of forces applied should be checked by a competent engineer, with special attention to the strength of the fixed point used.

For the correct and incorrect method Other methods of rigging will increase the capacity of the machine

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