Extremely tough cast profile type 83S – read from all sides

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Stabila Type 83S is a robust, cast aluminum spirit level with all-around readable vials, precision surfaces, finger grips, stability bridge, easy cleaning, and long-term accuracy of ± 0.5 mm/m. Made in Germany.


Type 83S spirit level from Stabila, made in Germany, represents a benchmark in robustness for construction and industrial use. Designed with a tough cast aluminum profile, it withstands the rigors of heavy-duty work, particularly in bricklaying and reinforced concrete construction where conditions are demanding.

Extremely tough cast profile type 83S – read from all sides

Its innovative feature is the multi-directional vial visibility; the horizontal vial is visible from four directions, while the two vertical vials can be seen from three. This functionality allows for effortless readability in various positions, which is invaluable for craftsmen who constantly change their measuring stance.

Extremely tough cast profile type 83S – read from all sides

  • Long-term precision thanks to STABILA vial installation technology:
    This feature emphasizes the durable accuracy of the tool due to the advanced technology used in embedding the spirit level’s vial.
  • Highly transparent acrylic glass with precisely ground inner contours:
    The tool uses crystal-clear acrylic glass that allows for accurate readings and has finely crafted inner contours ensuring detailed and precise measurements.
  • Optimal readability thanks to fluorescent vial fluid:
    The spirit level is filled with a fluorescent liquid that enhances visibility and readability, making it easier to read measurements in various lighting conditions.

Extremely tough cast profile type 83S,
read from all sides

Additionally, the spirit level is engineered with user comfort in mind, featuring large finger-grip openings for a secure hold. The precision-milled measuring surfaces ensure accuracy without leaving marks or discoloration on sensitive materials like fair-faced brickwork.

– Material: Cast aluminum profile
– Vial Visibility: Horizontal vial readable from 4 sides, vertical vials from 3 sides
– Grip: Large finger-grip openings
– Measuring Surfaces: Two precision-milled, non-discoloring
– Stability: Continuous bridge over horizontal vial
– Cleaning: Easy due to electrostatic powder coating
– Accuracy: ± 0.5 mm/m in normal and reverse positions
– Origin: Made in Germany

The profile’s stability is reinforced by a continuous bridge over the horizontal vial, a subtle yet crucial design detail. Cleaning is straightforward due to the electrostatic powder coating that repels dirt.

What truly sets the Type 83S apart is Stabila’s installation technology, guaranteeing long-term precision. With a measuring accuracy of ± 0.5 mm/m in both normal and reverse positions, this spirit level is a trusted tool for professionals requiring exact measurements in challenging environments.

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