Telescopic spirit level Type 106 T, Extremely long and sturdy

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designed for precision across uneven surfaces. Extending from 183 to 315 cm, it features a robust aluminum profile, eccentric clamps for stability, and slip-on spacers for accurate measurements. Stabila – Germany.


Stabila Type 106 T is a pinnacle example of precision engineering in the world of measuring tools. This telescopic spirit level is crafted for professionals who demand accuracy and versatility in their measuring instruments, particularly across uneven surfaces and wide spans. Manufactured by STABILA, a name synonymous with quality and innovation, the Type 106 T offers a range of features designed to handle the most challenging construction scenarios.

At its core, the Type 106 T features a unique telescopic system that allows it to extend significantly, making it exceptionally versatile for measuring large distances. It ranges from 183 cm up to 315 cm in its longest version, providing an incredibly long measuring surface that ensures accuracy over extended areas. This is particularly useful in wood construction and carpentry, as well as in setting up large components in reinforced concrete construction.

Stabila Type 106 T Extendable Telescopic Spirit Level for Precision Measurement

The spirit level’s stability and durability are enhanced by a robust 3-chamber aluminum rectangular profile with reinforcing ribs, which adds rigidity and prevents flexing. This stability is crucial when the level is fully extended and subjected to the challenges of a dynamic construction site. The inclusion of strong eccentric clamps guarantees that the spirit level maintains its accuracy over time and use, locking it securely at any desired length.

Telescopic spirit level Type 106 T

To accommodate uneven surfaces and materials like bowed timber or lath, the Type 106 T comes equipped with slip-on spacers. These spacers, measuring 4.2 cm in height, ensure accurate levelling even over irregularities. The spirit level also includes two small plates on the upper measuring surface to compensate for any surface imperfections, further enhancing its precision.

  • Length Range: 183 cm to 315 cm
  • Profile: Stable 3-chamber aluminum rectangular with reinforcing ribs
  • Clamps: Strong eccentric clamps for lasting accuracy
  • Spacers: Slip-on spacers (height: 4.2 cm) for measuring over irregularities
  • Measuring Surfaces: Two, with compensation plates for surface irregularities
  • Vials: 1 horizontal, 2 vertical
  • Accuracy:
    • Normal position (retracted): ±0.5 mm/m
    • Reverse position (retracted): ±0.75 mm/m
    • Extended normal position: ±1 mm/m
    • Extended reverse position: ±1 mm/m
  • End Caps: Standard, plastic to protect against impact
  • Grip: Finger-grip openings for secure handling
  • Telescopic Support: With cm/in scale
  • Applications: Suitable for wood construction, carpentry, and reinforced concrete work

For ease of use, the Type 106 T features finger-grip openings, allowing a secure hold during operation. This design consideration is crucial for ensuring control and safety during adjustments. The end caps made of durable plastic protect the device from impacts, contributing to its longevity.

Features and benefits

The telescopic support not only aids in measuring but also includes a scale marked in both centimeters and inches, adding to the level’s functionality by allowing immediate size readings during extension. This feature is indispensable for professionals who require quick, accurate measurements in a variety of settings.

The STABILA installation technology built into the Type 106 T ensures that it retains its measuring accuracy over time. In its normal retracted position, the accuracy is maintained at ±0.5 mm/m, and ±0.75 mm/m in the reverse retracted position. When extended, the accuracy is still impressive at ±1 mm/m for both normal and reverse positions.

Equipped with one horizontal vial and two vertical vials, this spirit level is not just a tool but a comprehensive measuring solution designed for high precision tasks in challenging environments. Whether for aligning prefabricated building units or ensuring the levelness of frameworks in wood construction, the Stabila Type 106 T is a reliable and indispensable tool for construction professionals.

SKU Add Measuring rangeAccuracyMagnetic
183 – 315 cm0.029°No
213 – 376 cm0.029°No
183 – 315 cm0.029°Yes
213 – 376 cm0.029°Yes
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