Tire inflator, gauged 5020 with large manometer, Elora Germany


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Tire Inflator, Gauged 5020, is a user-friendly tool with a large manometer for precise tire pressure monitoring. It enables one-handed operation, covers a wide pressure range, and includes a durable brass nipple for versatile and reliable tire maintenance. By Elora made in Germany.

Available on backorder


Tire Inflator, Gauged 5020 is an essential tool for maintaining and checking tire pressure with precision and convenience. This gauged tire inflator features a large pressure gauge, making it easy to monitor and adjust tire pressure accurately.

One-Handed Operation: Designed for one-handed use, this inflator allows users to quickly and easily adjust tire pressure. It comes with a 1/4″ NPT air inlet thread, enabling easy connection to the tire valve for inflation and pressure checks.

Large Pressure Gauge: The Elora 5020 is equipped with a large pressure gauge with a diameter of Ø75 mm. This gauge provides precise readings in bar (0-10 bar) and PSI (0-170 PSI), allowing users to monitor tire pressure accurately and effortlessly.

Flexible Hose: The inflator includes a flexible 500mm hose for easy access to hard-to-reach tire valves, ensuring convenience during inflation and pressure checks.

High-Quality Construction: Crafted from durable materials, including brass components, the Elora 5020 is built to withstand regular use while maintaining its accuracy and reliability.

Brass Nipple: The inflator comes with a high-quality brass nipple for secure and stable connections to tire valves, ensuring airtight and stable operation.

Tire inflator, gauged 5020 with large manometer

Applications: The tool is designed for inflating and checking tire pressure swiftly and conveniently. It plays a crucial role in maintaining tire safety, longevity, and overall vehicle performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pressure Range: 0-10 bar (0-170 PSI)
  • One-handed operation
  • Quick tire pressure checks
  • NPT Air Inlet: 1/4 inch thread
  • Gauge Diameter: Ø75 mm
  • Hose Length: 500mm
  • Weight: 1012g

In summary, the Elora 5020 Tire Inflator, Gauged, is a reliable tool for efficient tire maintenance, ensuring your vehicle’s tires are always at the recommended pressure levels for safety and optimal performance.