Pneumatic Impact Wrench ELORA 5003N Mini – Compact Design


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Elora Germany’s 5003 Pneumatic Impact Wrench Mini is a compact yet powerful tool with 450 Nm of torque. It’s ideal for tight spaces, offers precise control, and features a vibration-damped composite housing.

Available on backorder


When it comes to tackling tough jobs in hard-to-reach areas, the ELORA 5003N Mini Pneumatic Impact Wrench is the perfect tool for the job. With its impressive maximum loosening torque of 1080 Nm, this compact and mighty impact wrench delivers exceptional performance in a small package.

Measuring at a mere 108 mm in length, the ELORA 5003N Mini is designed to excel in difficult accessible areas where space is limited. Its compact size allows for easy maneuverability, ensuring that you can effortlessly reach tight spots and complete your tasks with precision.

Pneumatic Impact Wrench ELORA 5003N Mini
Power in a Compact Design

Despite its small size, the ELORA 5003N Mini doesn’t compromise on power. This impact wrench is engineered to provide maximum performance while keeping its weight to a minimum. Its vibration-damped composite housing reduces vibrations, allowing for improved control and comfort during extended use.

Equipped with a non-slip cold-insulated handle, the ELORA 5003N Mini ensures a secure grip, even in challenging working conditions. The exhaust air is intelligently guided through the handle, keeping the tool cool and comfortable to hold.

Whether you’re tightening or loosening fasteners, the ELORA 5003N Mini offers convenient features to make your work easier. It features a clockwise 3-step torque regulation system for precise tightening, ensuring that you achieve the desired level of torque with ease. Additionally, the clockwise/counter-clockwise performance regulation is protected in the rear motor plate, adding an extra layer of durability to the tool.

– Maximum loosening torque: 1080 Nm
– Length: 108 mm
– Compact and lightweight design
– Vibration-damped composite housing
– Non-slip cold-insulated handle
– Exhaust air guided through handle
– Clockwise 3-step torque regulation when tightening
– Clockwise/counter-clockwise performance regulation protected in rear motor plate
– High-performance twin-hammer clutch system
– Air inlet thread: 1/4″
– Operating pressure: 6.3 bar
– Maximum sound level: 85 dB (A) Lp A
– Average air consumption: 118 l/min
– Recommended hose inner diameter: 8 mm
– Vibration acceleration: 4.3 m/s²
– Includes steel nipple

The ELORA 5003N Mini is equipped with a high-performance twin-hammer clutch system, further enhancing its power and efficiency. Its air inlet thread measures 1/4″, and it operates at a maximum pressure of 6.3 bar. With an average air consumption of 118 l/min, this pneumatic impact wrench delivers consistent and reliable performance.

To ensure compatibility and optimal performance, it is recommended to use an inner diameter 8 mm hose with the ELORA 5003N Mini. The tool has a vibration acceleration of 4.3 m/s², reducing operator fatigue and enhancing overall productivity.

Included with the ELORA 5003N Mini is a steel nipple, providing added convenience and versatility. This high-quality pneumatic impact wrench is built to withstand demanding tasks and deliver exceptional results.

ELORA 5003N Mini Pneumatic Impact Wrench combines power, compactness, and versatility to tackle challenging projects with ease. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this reliable tool will become your go-to solution for various applications. Experience the convenience and performance of the ELORA 5003N Mini and take your projects to the next level.