Cordless dry cut-off saw EUROBOOR EDC.355/36V Complete


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A powerful 2480W brushless motor, 355mm blade, adjustable angles, and ergonomic handle. It includes safety features, dust collection, and Makita 18V LXT compatibility, ensuring precise, portable metal cutting.


Euroboor EDC.355/36V Cordless Dry Cut-Off Saw is an advanced tool designed to meet the high demands of professional metalworkers. With its innovative features and practical design, this battery-operated saw offers a blend of precision, power, and portability, ensuring high-quality results on the go.

At the core of the EUROBOOR EDC.355/36V is a powerful brushless motor, delivering 2480 watts of power. This motor ensures efficient and consistent performance, capable of handling tough metal cutting tasks with ease. The saw operates at a rotation speed of 1450 RPM, providing smooth and precise cuts. Its power supply is flexible, with a 220-240 volt tension and compatibility with Makita’s 18V LXT battery platform, making it a versatile tool for various working environments.

Cordless dry cut-off saw EUROBOOR EDC.355/36V Complete Cordless dry cut-off saw EUROBOOR EDC.355/36V Complete Cordless dry cut-off saw EUROBOOR EDC.355/36V Complete

One of the standout features of this saw is its 355mm saw blade. This large blade size allows for a substantial cutting capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of materials. The saw can cut round materials up to 120mm in diameter at 0 degrees and 90mm at 45 degrees. For square materials, the maximum size is 105mm at 0 degrees and 80mm at 45 degrees. Rectangular materials can be cut up to 90x145mm at 0 degrees and 90x80mm at 45 degrees, showcasing its versatility in handling different shapes and sizes.

Cordless dry cut-off saw
EUROBOOR EDC.355/36V Complete

The EDC.355/36V is built with user convenience and safety in mind. It features a molded aluminum base with an adjustable angle indication, allowing for precise angle adjustments from 0 to 45 degrees. This makes it easy to achieve accurate cuts at various angles, enhancing the tool’s adaptability. The ergonomic handle and locking pin provide ease of transport, while the robust clamp ensures precise clamping of materials, minimizing movement during cutting.

  • Brushless motor, 2480W power
  • Rotation speed: 1450 RPM
  • Power supply: 220-240V
  • Compatible with Makita 18V LXT batteries
  • 355mm saw blade diameter
  • Cutting capacity (round material):
  • 120mm at 0 degrees
  • 90mm at 45 degrees
  • Cutting capacity (square material):
  • 105mm at 0 degrees
  • 80mm at 45 degrees
  • Cutting capacity (rectangular material):
  • 90x145mm at 0 degrees
  • 90x80mm at 45 degrees
  • Molded aluminum base with adjustable angle indication (0 to 45 degrees)
  • Ergonomic handle and locking pin
  • Safety button for accidental start-up protection
  • Transparent protective shield
  • Dust collection tray
  • Dimensions: 620mm length, 350mm width, 630mm height
  • Weight: 18.6kg
  • Set includes: saw, blade, two batteries, and charger

Safety is a priority with the EDC.355/36V. The saw includes a safety button to protect against accidental start-up and a transparent protective shield for safely discharging chips. Additionally, the dust collection tray helps maintain a cleaner workspace, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and ensuring a more pleasant working environment.


For professional metalworkers looking for a reliable and efficient cutting tool, the EDC.355/36V is an excellent choice. Its battery-operated design eliminates the need for cumbersome cords, providing greater flexibility and mobility. The inclusion of two batteries and a charger in the set ensures that users have all they need to get started immediately, without additional purchases.

The saw’s dimensions of 620mm in length, 350mm in width, and 630mm in height, along with a weight of 18.6kg, make it a robust yet manageable tool. The built-in soft-start functionality adds to its user-friendly features, allowing for smoother and safer operation.

Euroboor EDC.355/36V Cordless Dry Cut-Off Saw is a top-tier tool designed to meet the needs of today’s metalworking professionals. Its powerful motor, large cutting capacity, and user-friendly features make it a valuable addition to any workshop. Whether cutting round, square, or rectangular materials, this saw delivers precision and efficiency, making it a trusted tool for demanding metalworking tasks.