BETEX ultra hydraulic air pump UHAP Series, Aluminium


portable air-driven ultra-high pressure hydraulic pumps, delivering up to 2800 bar. Suitable for various industrial uses, they offer quick connections with bayonet couplers, a 3-meter flexible hose, and safety features such as an automatic overload-relief valve.


BETEX UHAP series represents a range of ultra-high pressure hydraulic pumps driven by air. These pumps are suitable for pumping both water and oil, delivering a maximum operating pressure of up to 2800 bar. Designed for general-purpose use, these pumps are portable and compact, making them ideal for various industrial applications.

BETEX ultra hydraulic air pump UHAP Series, Aluminium

Key Features

  1. Portable and Compact: The UHAP series pumps are designed to be easily transportable, allowing users to move them effortlessly to different work sites. Their compact design ensures they take up minimal space, making them convenient for on-site operations.
  2. Single-Acting Pump: These pumps operate in a single-acting mode, which means they apply pressure in one direction, simplifying their design and making them easier to maintain.
  3. High Operating Pressure: With a maximum air pressure input of 7 bar, these pumps can generate an output pressure of up to 2800 bar, suitable for high-pressure applications.
  4. Easy Connection: Equipped with a bayonet coupler, the pumps allow quick and secure connections, enhancing efficiency during setup and operation. The flexible 3-meter hose included with the pumps further facilitates easy handling and connection.
  5. Automatic Overload-Relief Valve: To ensure safety and prevent damage, the pumps are equipped with an automatic overload-relief valve that activates when the pressure exceeds safe operating limits.
  6. Air Filter and Pressure Gauge: Each pump comes with an integrated air filter and a pressure gauge. The pressure gauge has a scale ranging from 0 to 3000 bar, providing precise pressure monitoring.
  7. Optional Trolley: For additional mobility, users can opt for a trolley, making it even easier to transport the pumps around large industrial sites.


The BETEX UHAP series includes two main models, each with distinct specifications:

Model Part No. Max Pressure
Oil Capacity
Max Flow Rate
(liters/min at 7 bar air pressure)
UHAP 2800 7292803 2800 5 0.43 29
UHAP 2800 ULTRA 7292802 2800 5 0.75 32

Both models feature a 5-liter oil reservoir and are designed to handle the rigorous demands of high-pressure applications. The UHAP 2800 ULTRA model, with a higher flow rate, is particularly suitable for tasks requiring faster pressure buildup.

BETEX ultra hydraulic air pump UHAP Series, Aluminium


The BETEX UHAP series pumps are versatile and can be used in a variety of industrial settings, including:

  • Maintenance and Repair: Ideal for high-pressure applications in maintenance and repair of industrial equipment.
  • Metalworking: Useful in metal forming and cutting operations that require high pressure.
  • General Industry: Suitable for any application where ultra-high pressure is required, ensuring efficiency and reliability in operations.

The BETEX UHAP series of aluminium air pumps offers a robust solution for ultra-high pressure hydraulic applications. With their portable design, ease of connection, and reliable safety features, these pumps are an excellent choice for professionals in need of high-performance equipment. Whether it’s for maintenance, repair, or industrial production, the UHAP series stands out as a dependable and efficient tool in the realm of high-pressure hydraulic pumps.

Detailed Technical Specifications of BETEX UHAP 2800 ULTRA

  • Model: BETEX UHAP 2800 ULTRA
  • Part Number: 7292802
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 2800 bar
  • Oil Capacity: 5 liters
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 0.75 liters per minute at 7 bar air pressure
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Pump Type: Single-acting
  • Air Pressure Requirement: 7 bar maximum
  • Connection Type: Bayonet coupler
  • Hose Length: 3 meters
  • Additional Features:
    • Automatic overload-relief valve
    • Integrated air filter
    • Pressure gauge with 0-3000 bar scale
    • Flexible HD hose (3 meters, includes extra coupler set)
    • Optional trolley for mobility
  • Safety: Automatic overload-relief valve to prevent damage and ensure safe operation
  • Materials: Aluminium construction for durability and portability
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