Spare Blade VCE02 For Plastic Pipe Cutters , MCC – Made in Japan


Spare blade for traditional series VC-0220 and VC-0242 plastic pipe cutters . By MCC, made in Japan.


Spare blade VCE02 for traditional plastic pipe cutters of the VC-02 series with a pipe diameter of Ø26 – Ø42mm. The blade has a beveled edge on the cutting edge, with a clean, neat cut and no tube deformation. Genuine MCC products, made in Japan.

Thess replacement blade is only for plastic pipe cutters traditional series (VC-0220, VC-0242). Do not use on other products. Use of an improper blade may be hezardous.

Important Safety Reminders:
– The blade is sharp, so avoid touching the blade edge with your fingers or hands. Always wear protective gloves during use.
– Do not attempt to modify or grind the blade edge, as it may result in damage or compromised cutting performance.
– Only use the replacement blade specifically designed for your plastic pipe cutter model. Using an improper blade can be hazardous and may lead to accidents or damage to the tool.

Following these steps will guide you through the process of replacing the blade for your plastic pipe cutter, ensuring that it remains in optimal working condition for accurate and efficient pipe cutting.

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Up to 26mm
Up to 42mm
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