Plastic Tubing Cutter Single Stroke JPC-37, MCC – Made in Japan


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JPC-37 is a soft PVC pipe cutter that can cut pipes up to Ø37mm in diameter. The blade has a chamfering hole. The blade can be replaced after multiple cuts. The cut is clean and neat without denting the pipe. By MCC made in Japan.

10 in stock (can be backordered)


Plastic Tubing Cutter Single Stroke JPC-37 from Japan is a high-quality product designed to be simple and classic. It has a special design with only one cutting blade.

On the blade body, there are round holes that help to chamfer the pipe after cutting. These holes also reduce friction during the cutting process, making the cutting time faster and easier thanks to the sharp blade. The tail of the cutter has a safety hook when not in use. When opened, the cutter is always in an open state due to a V-shaped spring with high elasticity.

The JPC-37 cutter has a lightweight aluminum handle that weighs only 150g, making it suitable for high-altitude operations and frequent cutting. It has a yellow electrostatic paint coating on the outside to protect the cutter and enhance its aesthetics. You can replace the JPC-37 pipe cutter blade with another blade when it is damaged.

Plastic Tubing Cutter Single Stroke JPC-37

The product code and MCC logo are embossed directly on the cutter body. This is one of the points to evaluate the quality of a high-end product and to recognize genuine MCC Japan products.

The blade holder (chopping board) is shaped like a circle that helps objects fit snugly under the blade and not slip out during cutting. We can reverse the cutting direction depending on the position of the pipe. Reversing the cut depends on the position of PVC plastic pipes, PE or rubber pipes.

Simple Blade ReplacementIt’s very simple to reverse/replace a blade with a regular screwdriver as follows.
– Remove the spring from the handles.
– Discard the bolt which connects both handles using two screwdrivers.
– Remove the two bolts which attach the blade to the handle.
No tapping tool or any special tool are necessary to do it. So that you can quickly fix your cutters and get back to your job.

  • Model: JPC-37
  • Maximum pipe diameter: Ø37mm.
  • Pipe diameter inch system: 1.7 / 17 inches.
  • Weight: 150g.
  • Manufacturer: MCC Japan
  • Origin: Japan
Plastic Tubing Cutter Single Stroke, Quick Cut JPC-37
Durable Aluminum Steel Handle
Aluminum steel handle sustains best performance under toughest of conditions. Heat, water, and any elements throw at it; MCC cutters will work through the roughest of conditions and will continue to operate way longer than your traditional plastic handle type cutters.
Plastic Tubing Cutter Single Stroke, Quick Cut JPC-37
Reversible Blade
When you have a damaged blade at the job site, this reversible blade will quickly fix the tool to working condition so that you do not have to waste your time looking for an alternative cutter or running into the store to buy a new pair. Reversible blade means one extra replacement blade.
Plastic Tubing Cutter Single Stroke, Quick Cut JPC-37
Spring Loaded for Easy Operation
Spring loaded handle provides you easy handling and operation, especially when used continuously. Without a spring loaded handle, you would be wasting time to open the handle with both hands between each and every cut. Easy operation with spring loaded handle increases work efficiency.