Pneumatic ratchet wrench 3/8″ 5012, 90 NM, Elora Germany

SKU: 5012

Pneumatic ratchet wrench 3/8″ 5012, extremely handy ratchet wrench with only 160 mm length, for effortless working at difficult accessible areas, maximum performance at minimum weight, very light composite housing. By Elora made in Germany.


The 5012 Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench by Elora Germany is a compact yet powerful tool, ideal for tackling tasks in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Despite its diminutive size, this ratchet wrench delivers a reliable tightening torque of up to 90 Nm.

Measuring just 160 mm in length, the 5010 is exceptionally handy and designed for effortless operation in confined areas. Its lightweight composite housing not only minimizes user fatigue but also ensures maximum performance at minimal weight. The ergonomic design and non-slip, cold-insulated handle further enhance user comfort and control, even in challenging working conditions.

Pneumatic ratchet wrench 3/8″ 5012, 90 NM

One of the standout features of this ratchet wrench is its versatility. It allows for both clockwise and counter-clockwise operation, thanks to its convertible ratchet head. This feature simplifies tasks that require reversing rotation direction, adding to its practicality.

To maintain a clean and safe workspace, the wrench incorporates an exhaust system that directs air through the handle, preventing debris and dust from interfering with your work. This design consideration not only enhances user comfort but also contributes to safety.

The 5010 Ratchet Wrench operates with a free-running speed of 170 revolutions per minute, ensuring efficiency and speed when fastening or loosening fasteners. Its average air consumption is 170 liters per minute, striking a balance between power and efficiency.

With a maximum sound level of 93 dB(A) Lp A, the wrench offers a relatively quiet working environment compared to some other pneumatic tools. It operates at a pressure of 6.3 bar and is compatible with 1/4” air inlet threads. The recommended hose inner diameter is 8 mm, ensuring optimal performance.

Elora Germany includes a brass nipple in the package, providing users with everything necessary to get started right away with this reliable and versatile pneumatic ratchet wrench. In summary, the 5010 Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench is a compact, lightweight, and highly efficient tool that’s perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts working in challenging and confined spaces. Its ability to deliver controlled torque makes it a valuable addition to any toolkit.