Pneumatic impact wrench mini 5004 3/8″, 450 NM, Elora Germany


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Elora Germany’s 5003 Pneumatic Impact Wrench Mini is a compact yet powerful tool with 450 Nm of torque.The wrench has reversible operation, efficient exhaust management, and a 3-step torque regulation system. With a high-performance twin-hammer mechanism and 1/4” air inlet, it’s suitable for various tasks while maintaining user comfort and safety.

Available on backorder


The 5004 Pneumatic Impact Wrench Mini by Elora Germany is a compact powerhouse, delivering a remarkable 450 Nm of torque in a package that’s only 160 mm in length. This versatile tool is designed for use in challenging, hard-to-reach areas, making it a go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

One of the standout features of this impact wrench is its lightweight and vibration-damped composite housing. This not only reduces fatigue during prolonged use but also ensures precise control when working on various tasks. The non-slip, cold-insulated handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, even in colder working conditions.

Pneumatic impact wrench mini 5004 3/8″

To maintain a clean and safe workspace, the exhaust air is cleverly guided through the handle, preventing debris and dust from interfering with your work. This thoughtful design feature enhances user comfort and safety.

The 5004 Impact Wrench excels in both loosening and tightening applications. When loosening, it consistently delivers full capacity, ensuring that even the toughest nuts and bolts are no match. For tightening tasks, the wrench offers a 3-step clockwise torque regulation, allowing for precise control and avoiding over-tightening.

What sets this impact wrench apart is its clockwise and counter-clockwise performance regulation, protected within the rear motor plate. This feature enhances user flexibility and simplifies tasks that require reversing rotation direction.

Under the hood, the tool boasts a high-performance twin-hammer mechanism, ensuring reliable and efficient operation. Its air inlet thread is compatible with 1/4” fittings, and it operates at a pressure of 6.3 bar. The wrench produces a maximum sound level of 95 dB(A) Lp A, which, while not whisper-quiet, is manageable for most work environments.

With an average air consumption of 100 liters per minute and a recommended 8 mm inner diameter hose, this impact wrench strikes a balance between power and efficiency. Its vibration acceleration is kept at a manageable 5.9 m/s², further enhancing user comfort.

Elora Germany includes a brass nipple in the package, ensuring that you have everything you need to get to work right away with this impressive pneumatic impact wrench. In summary, the 5004 Pneumatic Impact Wrench Mini combines power, precision, and versatility in a compact and ergonomic design, making it an indispensable tool for professionals tackling challenging tasks in confined spaces.