Cable End Sleeves Assortments ELORA 466S, in plastic box

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Conforming to DIN 46228, includes sleeves ranging from 0.25mm to 16mm in diameter, packaged in a transparent box. It is compatible with ELORA 466A-2.5 or 466A-16.0 crimping tools. By ELORA Germnay.


ELORA 466S Cable End Sleeves Assortment is a comprehensive set designed for professionals who demand precision and reliability in their electrical work. Packaged in a transparent plastic box, this set conforms to DIN 46228 standards, ensuring high quality and consistency.

ELORA 466S Bare Cable End Sleeves Box ELORA 466S Bare Cable End Sleeves Box

DIN 46228 is a German standard that applies to electrical cable end sleeves. This standard specifies requirements for dimensions, materials, and performance for cable end sleeves used to create robust and safe electrical connections. It includes parameters for both insulated and non-insulated cable end sleeves, ensuring they are compatible with various types of electrical wires and can withstand certain operational conditions. Compliance with DIN 46228 enhances the reliability and safety of electrical connections in many applications.

Cable End Sleeves Assortments ELORA 466S in plastic box

Constructed from aluminum, the cable end sleeves in this assortment are both durable and efficient for creating secure, conductive connections. The assortment includes five different sizes of cable end sleeves, which are essential for accommodating various wire gauges. Specifically, the set contains size from 0,25 to 16,0mm. This range allows for versatile applications across different wiring projects.

– Sleeve Diameter Range: 0.25mm to 16mm
– Standard: DIN 46228
– Material: Aluminum
– Packaging: Transparent plastic box
– Compatible Crimping Tools: ELORA 466A-2.5 or ELORA 466A-16.0, depending on the sleeve diameter
– Weight: Lightweight, easy to store and use
– Application: Installation and repair of electrical systems
– Maker: ELORA

To complement these cable end sleeves, ELORA recommends using them with either the ELORA 466A-2.5 or the ELORA 466A-16.0 crimping tools, depending on the diameter of the cable sleeve being used. This ensures that each sleeve is crimped to perfection, providing a strong, stable connection that enhances the overall safety and functionality of the electrical system.

The total weight of this assortment are from 159 to 178 grams, making it lightweight yet substantial enough to handle a variety of tasks without being cumbersome. This product is ideal for electricians and technicians who require a reliable set of tools that can cater to a wide range of electrical installations and repairs.

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