Strap Wrench ELORA 187-180, for removing oil filters


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Ideal for removing oil filters and clamping round parts in heavy machinery. It features a non-slip 50 mm wide ribbon and a durable high-grade steel construction. Made in Germany.

Available on backorder


ELORA 187-180 strap spanner is a durable and efficient tool designed for professional use, particularly suited for the automotive and heavy machinery industries. This tool is essential for removing oil filters and securely clamping round-shaped components in trucks, construction vehicles, and agricultural machinery.

ELORA 187-180 strap wrench

With its capability to handle parts up to 180 mm in diameter, the ELORA 187-180 offers versatility for a range of tasks. It features a non-slip fibre ribbon, 50 mm in width, which ensures a strong grip while preventing damage during operations. This strap wrench seamlessly integrates with a 1/2″ reversible ratchet, enhancing both its functionality and user convenience.

Strap Wrench ELORA 187-180, for removing oil filters

Constructed from high-grade tool steel, the ELORA 187-180 is built to endure the demanding conditions of professional environments. Given the intensive usage expected of such a tool, the fibre ribbon may show signs of wear over time. To address this, ELORA provides the option to purchase a spare strap, model number 187-E-180.

Acquiring this spare strap is advisable for users noticing wear on the current strap, as it ensures the wrench continues to function effectively, maintaining workflow continuity and providing cost efficiency.

– Maximum part diameter: 180 mm
– Non-slip fibre ribbon width: 50 mm
– Compatible with 1/2″ female square drive
– Constructed from high-grade tool steel
– Spare strap available: Model 187-E-180
– Maker: ELORA
– Origin: Germany

ELORA 187-180 strap wrench stands out as a reliable tool in the maintenance and repair sectors, particularly in settings involving heavy machinery. Its robust construction, combined with the availability of spare parts like the 187-E-180 strap, underscores ELORA’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


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