Pipe cutter ELORA 180-76, made of die cast aluminium

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Features a quick-change cutting system for various tubes, a spare wheel in the knob, four guiding rolls for stability, and rapid feed technology. It’s designed for efficiency and precision, and is manufactured in Germany.


ELORA 180-76 is a pipe cutter crafted from die-cast aluminum, ensuring lightweight strength and durability. It comes equipped with a built-in cutting wheel, the ELORA-No. 180-S76B, measuring 30 x 6.2 mm, making it suitable for slicing through plastic and composite tubes with precision.

For versatility, it includes a spare wheel, the ELORA-No. 180-S76A, sized at 19 x 6.2 mm, housed conveniently in the rotary knob cap and designed for cutting thin-walled metal tubes.

Pipe cutter ELORA 180-76, made of die cast aluminium Pipe cutter ELORA 180-76, made of die cast aluminium

This tool features four guiding rolls that ensure a stable and guided cutting process, along with an ICS-wheel quick-change system that allows for fast and easy swapping of cutting wheels without the need for additional tools. The rapid feed mechanism of the ELORA 180-76 significantly speeds up the cutting process, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Pipe cutter ELORA 180-76, made of die cast aluminium

The ELORA 180-76 pipe cutter is an essential tool for professionals working with a range of tube materials and sizes. Here are the detailed specifications:

– Suitable for pipes with diameters from 6 to 76 mm (1/4″ to 3″)
– Equipped with ELORA-No. 180-S76B cutting wheel, dimensions 30 x 6.2 mm, ideal for plastic and composite tubes
– Includes a spare wheel, ELORA-No. 180-S76A, dimensions 19 x 6.2 mm, for thin-walled metal tubes, located in the rotary knob cap
– Features four guiding rolls and an ICS-wheel quick-change system for convenience and efficiency
– Spare wheel stored within the rotary knob cap for easy access
– Designed with rapid feed capability for quicker cutting actions
– The total weight of the cutter is 970 grams

The ELORA 180-76 combines German engineering with practical design, offering a reliable and efficient cutting experience.

True to its quality promise, the ELORA 180-76 is manufactured in Germany, adhering to high manufacturing standards and ensuring a tool that professionals can rely on for precise cuts and long-term performance.

SKU Add Consist ofDiameter
Spare boltNone
None1/4-3 inch
spare cutting wheel for plastic and composite tubesNone
spare cutting wheel for thin-walled metal tubesNone
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