Reversible ratchet 1/2″ 770-L1D, with small & slim head, Elora Germany


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SKU: 770-L1D

Reversible Ratchet 1/2″ 770-L1D features a compact, slim head for tight spaces, rugged forged construction, minimal swivel angle, and a comfortable nonslip handle. Compliant with industry standards, it’s a versatile and durable tool for professionals. By Elora made in Germany.

Available on backorder


Reversible Ratchet 1/2″ 770-L1D, offered by Elora, is a robust and versatile tool designed to excel in various applications. Its small and slim head, along with a range of high-quality features, makes it an essential addition to any toolbox.

Reversible Ratchet 1:2 770-L1D with small slim head Elora Germany

The ratchet’s compact design with a small and slim head allows for easy access to tight and confined spaces, making it an ideal choice for tasks with limited clearance.

Reversible ratchet 1/2″ 770-L1D

The ratchet is built to withstand tough working conditions. Its forged gear wheel ensures durability and longevity, ensuring it can handle heavy-duty tasks.

The reversible ratchet 1/2″ 770-L1D is equipped with both male and female squares, providing versatility for different socket and extension configurations.

With a minimal swivel angle of 11.25°, this ratchet offers precise control and allows for efficient operation even in cramped spaces.

The ergonomic handle is designed with a nonslip QUATROLIT®-2C material for a comfortable and secure grip, reducing the risk of hand fatigue during prolonged use.

The tool features a suspension hole for easy storage and accessibility, keeping it organized in your toolbox or workspace.

The ratchet’s matte chrome-plated finish not only provides an attractive appearance but also offers excellent resistance to corrosion, ensuring its longevity.

Crafted from ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium 31CrV3 / 1.2208, a robust and durable material, this ratchet is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use.

The ratchet complies with industry standards, including DIN 3120-A 12.5, ISO 1174, and features a ball locking device in line with DIN 3122 and ISO 3315, ensuring reliability and performance in various applications.

In summary, the Reversible Ratchet 1/2″ 770-L1D by Elora combines durability, versatility, and ergonomic design. Its small and slim head allows it to excel in tight spaces, while its rugged construction and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance. With its compliance with industry standards, this ratchet is a valuable tool for professionals across various trades, enhancing efficiency and precision in their work.