ELORA 4630-F E 2K, Electronic Tungsten Carbide Side Cutter ESD


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SKU: 4630-F E 2K

very hard wires, featuring a pointed, narrow head, carbide inlay, and ESD handles with 10^6-10^9 Ohm resistance, ensuring precision, stability, and safety in electrostatic-sensitive environments. Made in Germany.

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ELORA 4630-F E 2K Electronic Tungsten Carbide Side Cutter ESD is a meticulously designed tool for professionals who require precision cutting of very hard wires, especially in hard-to-reach areas. This tool is especially useful for tasks involving electrostatically sensitive components, where precision and protection from electrostatic discharge are paramount.

  ELORA 4630-F E 2K, Electronic Tungsten Carbide Side Cutter ESD ELORA 4630-F E 2K, Electronic Tungsten Carbide Side Cutter ESD

Featuring a pointed, narrow head with a groove and a fine bevel, the 4630-F E 2K is a compact version designed for accessibility and precision. The incorporation of a carbide inlay and a sturdy box joint ensures maximum stability under load, making it ideal for cutting very hard materials without compromising the tool’s integrity or performance. A double opening leaf spring mechanism facilitates smooth and easy operation, enhancing user comfort and efficiency.

The cutter’s handles are made from 2-C ESD material, providing a surface resistance of 10^6 to 10^9 Ohm, crucial for maintaining the integrity of sensitive components during the cutting process. With a cutting edge hardness of 84-86 HRA, this tool stands out for its durability and sharpness, achieved through the use of ELORA‘s high-quality Chrome-Vanadium 80 CrV2 / 1.2235 steel and special carbide metal.

ELORA 4630-F E 2K, Electronic tungsten carbide side cutter ESD

With a length of 125 mm and weighing 99 grams, this side cutter is manufactured in Germany, ensuring ELORA’s commitment to quality, reliability, and precision for professionals worldwide.

– Pointed, narrow head with groove and fine bevel for precision
– Carbide inlay and box joint for maximum stability
– Double opening leaf spring for ease of use
– Polished, high gloss gunmetal finish
– 2-C ESD handles, surface resistance: 10^6 to 10^9 Ohm
– Cutting edge hardness: 84-86 HRA
– Made from ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium 80 CrV2 / 1.2235 and special carbide metal
– Complies with DIN ISO 9654 and ESD DIN IEC 614340-5-1
– Cuts piano wire up to 0.4 mm/26 AWG, hard wire up to 0.8 mm/20 AWG, soft wire up to 1.8 mm/13 AWG
– Length: 125 mm, Weight: 99 g
– Manufactured in Germany

Compliant with DIN ISO 9654 and ESD standards as per DIN IEC 614340-5-1, the ELORA 4630-F E 2K meets the highest quality and safety requirements. It is capable of cutting piano wires up to 0.4 mm (or 26 AWG), hard wires up to 0.8 mm (or 20 AWG), and soft wires up to 1.8 mm (or 13 AWG).


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