Induction heater BETEX SLF 305 400V including 1 yoke – CE


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The BETEX SLF 305 is a versatile, benchtop induction heater with a maximum 400 kg capacity, featuring dual temperature sensing, a touchscreen display, data logging, and various yokes and temperature sensors for diverse applications.

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The BETEX SLF 305, part of the SMART series, is a sophisticated induction heater designed for precise control during the heating process. This benchtop model, capable of handling up to 400 kg, is enhanced with a modern, easy-to-use touchscreen interface. It includes two magnetic temperature probes for dual temperature sensing, using the Delta T method. The device’s clear graphical touchscreen display illustrates the heating process, and it features a log function for data storage or export to USB, ensuring a verifiable proof of work.

The BETEX SLF 305 is mobile, equipped with a swing arm and a yoke measuring 80x80x500 mm, making it versatile for different heating tasks. It offers double temperature measurement with Delta-T technology, and the touchscreen simplifies operation. This model allows for tension-free heating, with a temperature setting up to 240°C (464°F) and automatic demagnetization better than 2A/cm. An acoustic signal indicates the completion of each heating cycle, and the device also features a temperature hold function.

Time settings can be adjusted in minutes and seconds, and the heater operates according to preset temperature/time curves. The package includes a service kit and a CE-manual. Notably, the electronic unit of the heater comes with a 3-year warranty.

Additionally, the BETEX SLF 305 offers various features like an error message display, automatic power reduction, thermal protection, and support for horizontal heating. It can be equipped with an electric crane for yokes and is designed to be mobile. The overall weight of the heater, including the yoke, is 176 kg, with the heater itself weighing 150 kg.

Induction heater BETEX SLF 305 into a table for easier understanding

Specification Value/Feature
Model Induction heater BETEX SLF 305
Type Bench top model
Lifting Capacity Up to 400 kg
Mobility Yes, with swing arm and 1 yoke
Yoke Size 80x80x500 mm
Dual Temperature Measurement Yes, includes 2 magnetic temperature probes (Delta T)
Touchscreen Display Yes, with graphical representation of heating process
Log Function Yes, for data storage or export to USB
Certification CE
Tension-Free Heating Yes
Maximum Temperature 240°C / 464°F
Automatic Demagnetization Better than 2A/cm
Acoustic Signal Yes, at the end of each heating cycle
Temperature Hold Yes
Time Setting Yes, in minutes/seconds
Heating Method According to preset temperature/time curve
Warranty on Electronic Unit 3 years
Dimensions 1214x560x990 mm
Weight (including yoke) 176 kg
Weight (excluding yoke) 150 kg
Voltage/Volt Range Models ranging from 400V to 600V
Power Capacity 12 kVA
Frequency 50/60 Hz

Additionally, there are various accessories like magnetic temperature sensors with different temperature ranges and lengths, as well as a variety of yokes with different sizes and weights. Heat-resistant gloves and vaseline are also available to aid in the usage process.

The product is available in different voltage models, ranging from 400V to 600V, each designed to meet specific power and operational requirements. It also comes with a range of accessories like magnetic temperature sensors of varying lengths and maximum temperatures, different yoke sizes for varied applications, and heat-resistant gloves.

The BETEX SLF 305 is an advanced, versatile induction heater, offering precise control and flexibility for a wide range of industrial heating applications.