Induction heater BETEX 24 XLDi Portable 230V, power 1,2kVA


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SKU: 24 XLDi

BETEX 24 XLDi Portable 230V is a lightweight, versatile induction heater for components up to 180mm OD and 10kg. Features digital display, magnetic probe, no yokes needed, and 150°C max temperature, ideal for on-site use.

Available on backorder


BETEX 24 XLDi Portable Induction Heater is an efficient, user-friendly tool for heating bearings, gear wheels, and couplings in workshops or on-site. It can handle components with a maximum outer diameter of 180mm and a weight up to 10kg. This heater stands out for its ability to heat even irregularly shaped parts without the need for yokes.

Weighing just 7kg, it’s designed for portability and comes with a robust carrying case, complete with a shoulder strap for ease of transport. The device offers a maximum temperature of 150°C, displayed on a digital screen. It includes a magnetic probe for precise temperature placement and monitoring.

Induction heater BETEX 24 XLDi Portable

Key features of the BETEX 24 XLDi include its simple operation—just place the component on the surface, attach the temperature probe, select the temperature, and press start. The heater also has an acoustic signal and error message system for efficient operation. Additionally, it features temperature hold and automatic demagnetization capabilities, ensuring safety and convenience.

  • Number: 230610
  • Facility power: 1,2kVA
  • Voltage/Amp: 230V/6A
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Max weight bearing: 10 kg
  • Display: Digital
  • Log function: No
  • Magnetic probe: 1
  • Delta T: No
  • Heating method time: Yes
  • Heating method temperature or time: No
  • Heating method temperature and speed: No
  • Heating method temperature: Yes
  • Max. temperature: 150 °C / 302 °F
  • Max time range minutes: 0-30
  • Acoustic signal: Yes
  • Error message: Message
  • Temperature hold: Yes
  • Automatic power reduction: No
  • Automatic demagnetisation <2A/cm2: Yes
  • Thermal protection: Yes
  • Support for horizontal heating: No
  • Weight: 7kg

BETEX 24 XLDi (number: 230610) is a lightweight, portable induction heater with a facility power of 1.2kVA and a voltage of 230V/6A. It’s an ideal solution for heating small components up to 10kg, suitable for various professional settings where mobility and ease of use are paramount.