Hydraulic wedge 18 ton Powerram HLW18TC gap min. 9.5mm in case


Available on backorder


Available on backorder


Hydraulic wedge 18-ton Powerram HLW18TC gap min. 9.5mm in case.

– Actuated by an internal hydraulic hand pump.
– Designed to lift or lower objects in a controlled manner.
– Safe, smooth, secure hold when lifting or lowering heavy equipment.
– Access gap of only 9.5mm.
– Operates with an access gap of only 9.5mm.
– Each step offers 19.0mm of vertical lift.
– Maximum lift using a stepped block 67.5mm.
– Single-acting ram.
– HLW18T Standard KIT.
– Lifting force of 180kN (18T).
– Automatic manual retraction.
– Packing in the plastic case with handle.

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